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Awards Criteria

Purpose of Award:
To recognize exemplary service to The University of Toledo by a member of the faculty

Any member of the Faculty Club may nominate a candidate for the Faculty Club Award. Nominations will be solicited during December of each year.

The candidates should be  full-time, part-time or volunteer faculty of The University of Toledo.
Suggested Criteria:
a) A history of service in several areas, i.e. the candidates have served The University of Toeldo in several different ways over a period of time
b) A history of service in multi-departmental or multidisciplinary programs, i.e., the candidate's service has gone beyond benefiting one department or one discipline
c) A history of service in a capacity that has furthered the stature of UT in the community
d) A history of mentoring new faculty members
e) A history of leadership, particularly in leading initiatives which contribute to the image or effectiveness of UT in carrying out its mission
f) A history of advocacy for UT
g) A history of innovation as manifested by the expansion or creation of new dimensions in health education, research and/or critical care

The major form of documentation is a written statement of endorsement provided by the person nominating a candidate for the award and outlining the reasons why the candidate is appropriate for the award.

December 1995

Last Updated: 2/27/17