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UT Works Program Description

UT Works
 Program Description


UT Works is an initiative developed to help employees of the University of Toledo who lose their jobs through a reduction in force.  Through UT Works, additional support is available to displaced employees while they find or prepare for another position within or outside the University.  


Wherever possible, UT Works employees will have an opportunity to apply for internal positions before they are opened to other internal or external employees. 

  • UT Works employees may apply for open non-union positions for four business days prior to posting to the internal community. 
  • Open union positions will be filled in accordance with contractual posting, bumping and recall rights.  If a position is still available, UT Work employees have four business days to apply prior to the general internal or external community.

Displaced employees will be able to apply for any job (s) for which they believe they are qualified, completing a skill assessment sheet that identifies any gaps between their skills and the required skills.

Hiring managers will be encouraged to consider displaced employees who meet minimum requirements for core job functions, but who may need to learn some non-core skills (i.e. a specific software program.)  Hiring managers will not be expected to hire displaced employee candidates who do not meet the minimum requirements for the core job functions. 

The UT Works team will help displaced UT Works employees identify possible internal positions for which they may be qualified.  The team will also help employees identify training opportunities in order to fill skills gaps between their existing qualifications and the necessary qualifications for open positions.

Employees who are hired while undergoing training to bring their skills up to minimums would be considered “interim” through the training period and the standard policies regarding performance would apply. 

Educational benefits for UT Works employees will continue through the semester following the semester during which they were notified of the job loss.  Educational benefits of dependents of affected employees will remain in accordance of the normal UT educational benefits program.

In addition to support for internal job searches, the UT Works Team will help identify and provide additional tools and information to assist employees who have been displaced.    



All employees in good standing who lose their jobs through reductions in force will be eligible to participate in the UT Works program for a period of 6 months following notification of loss of job.

Employees in good standing who lost their jobs as a result of the June/ July 2009 reduction in force are eligible to participate in the UT Works program for a period of six months following notification of the program.

Employees who are on probationary status due to a recent hire are eligible to participate.  Employees who lose their jobs due to a reduction in force while on a disciplinary probation or Performance Improvement Plan are not eligible to participate. 


Contact Information

A UT Works page on the Human Resources website contains the information relative to open positions and resources as well as links to internal application forms, benefits information, external resources, training opportunities, as well as other helpful information.  A designated email address has been established.  UT Works employees should use this electronic address for job applications and to send any questions to the UT Works Team.  


Last Updated: 6/26/15