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Pay Scales & Job Classification
The following classification listing and pay schedules are provided in a PDF file for your convenience.

Classified Employees
classified pay schedule (effective 6/27/04)
classified pay schedule (effective 6/26/05)
classified pay schedule (effective 6/25/06)
longevity pay guide (effective 6/27/04)
longevity pay guide (effective 6/26/05)
longevity pay guide (effective 6/25/06)

Unclassified Employees
unclassified pay schedule (effective 6/27/04)
unclassified pay schedule (effective 2/6/05)
unclassified pay schedule (effective 6/26/05)
unclassified pay schedule (effective 6/25/06)

Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA)
The Fair Labor Standard Act required that overtime be paid for work in excess of 40 hours in a work week, unless otherwise exempt. The following worksheet will help you determine whether or not a position is exempt.

Executive, Administrative or Professional Exemptions

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