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Manager's Toolkit

Continuity of Operations & Essential Personnel

Salary Reviews and Salary Adjustments Procedure

Eight Month Hold Period For Open Positions Memorandum

Eight Month Position Hold Requirement Frequently Asked Questions


Employment Forms
     > Position Justification Form
     > Position Description Template - Main Campus
Position Description Template - Health Science Campus
Position Information Questionnaire - Hourly Positions ( Job Audit/Position Review)
     > Position Information Questionnaire - Salaried Positions  ( Job Audit/Position Review)

Performance Evaluations/Performance Management Process (PMP)     
Performance Evaluation Information, Instructions, and Forms - Both Campuses - All Employees

Independent Contractors
     > Procedure for Contracting with Independent Contractors (including Consultants)
     > Independent Contractor - Form A (Submit to HR-Employment)

Personnel Action Forms

     > Academic Personnel Action | APA (Faculty)
     > Extra Compensation | UPA
     > Graduate Assistant Personnel Action | GAPA (For assistance, please contact the College of Graduate Studies)
     > Student EPAF Instructions
     > Removal from Payroll
     > Authorization to Hire

>PeopleAdmin (Staff) Personnel Action Guide



Faculty Labor Relations - Main Campus
The Faculty Labor Relations Team for main campus work closely with the Provost's Office and the Deans of each college to resolve issues that affect faculty members. The staff is committed to working with the University of Toledo chapter of the AAUP and all levels of the administration to ensure fair and equitable treatment of faculty members.

The team addresses issues regarding:
     > Collective Bargaining Agreement
     > The University Policy Manual
     > Grievances Filed by Faculty

Contact and Location Information

Academic Services Center, Suite 1000
Phone: 419.530.4017
Fax: 419.530.2924


Labor and Employee Relations
Labor & employee relations functions as a strategic partner who can orchestrate appropriate stakeholder involvement in order to execute change initiatives within the organization.

Labor and employee relations focuses on:
     > Non-faculty Contract Administration
     > Grievance Administration
     > Discipline
     > Release Time for Union Business
     > Schedule Questions
     > Leave of Absence Requests & Military Leave
     > Unemployment Compensation
     > Policy Interpretation
     > Liaison with Union Leadership at the Local, State and National Level
     > Management Training and Development
     > Collective Bargaining
     > Creative Problem Resolution

Labor Agreements
A copy of the AFSCME, CWA, UTPPA, and AAUP Contracts may be viewed by clicking the links below:

Main Campus Labor Relations Link      Health Science Campus Labor Relations Link

Professional Staff Association
The PSA of The University of Toledo consists of roughly 1,200 classified-exempt and unclassified administrative and professional employees who do not belong to a bargaining unit, and all full- and part-time unclassified staff, excluding those with faculty rank.  The Professional Staff Council (PSC) is the elected body that represents Professional Staff Association (PSA) to the administration on topics such as the past PSA compensation study, changes in health benefits, planning the Outstanding Staff Awards and other various issues.  Please feel free to contact any of the PSC members directly to learn more. PSA Voice Newsletter

Labor Relations Forms
The forms in this area are separated by campus.

Main Campus                                       Health Science Campus
    > CWA Evaluations                                  > Contracts
    > Forms - CWA                                        > Forms - AFSCME
    > Leaves                                                 > Leaves
    > Sick Leave Bank - CWA                         > Disciplinary Information
    > Sick Leave Bank - PSA
    > Job Audit Documents

The University of Toledo Policy Manual
This link provides you with access to the UT Policy Website. The website serves as the UT Policy Manual and is divided into into the following sections:
> Bylaws of the Board of Trustees
     > Administration
     > Human Resources
     > Academic
     > Student Life
     > Athletics
     > UT Medical Center

The website can be searched by topic or policy number. This is also the site for reviewing policy drafts and offering comments or suggestions.
Additional resources at this page include:
> Policy Continuation Statement
     > Records Retention Manual
     > Superseded Policies
     > Policy Template
     > University Committees List

Workers Compensation
The Worker's Compensation link takes you to the Risk Management and Worker's Compensation website and covers:
> Risk Management
     > Worker's Compensation - Main Campus
     > Worker's Compensation - Health Science Campus
     > Contact Information for Risk Management and Worker's Compensation team

Leaving University Employment
If you have an employee who will be leaving employment with The University of Toledo through voluntary separation including retirement, this area will help you manage their transition. The Leaving University Employment link will provide you with information and documents:
> Separation Documents
     > Separation Process
     > Exit Checklist
     > Vacation and Sick Leave Payouts
     > Medical, Dental and Vision Benefits
     > Retirement Plan
     > Paycheck Deductions


Last Updated: 2/1/17