Supply Chain Management

Winter Break

Supply Chain Operations Winter Break Schedule

Please be advised of the following supply chain operations that will be impacted by the university’s winter break schedule for the days of Wed. 12/27, Thurs. 12/28, and Fri. 12/29. 

Purchasing and Receiving for main campus and academics on HSC will be closed.   We ask that you plan your purchases accordingly and work with purchasing to ensure any deliveries required prior to the winter break occur the week of 12/18.    Be cognizant of perishable needs and do not place orders prior to 12/21 that may end up sitting until January 2 in the UPS or Fed X hubs.  

Purchasing and receiving for the hospital and clinics will run operations as normal. 

Mail Services university wide will be running a reduced schedule, accepting in all mail from both postal zones, sorting, but only making deliveries to a few approved locations on the main campus.  Hospital and clinical operations are not impacted and will receive their normal pick up and deliveries.      We ask that you also consider your purchases on Amazon as we get close to winter break in that many Amazon providers use the United States Postal Service to deliver packages.    Ensure you are ordering well enough in advance to receive your items prior to 12/22.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact any of the management team listed.

Have a joyous holiday season!


Jen Pastorek                                      Bill Mawhorter                                                 Mike Byrd

Sr. Director, Supply Chain             Materials Operations Manager                  Operations Supervisor

Last Updated: 12/5/17