President's Lecture Series on Diversity

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2009-2010 Sponsored Events

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President’s Lecture Series on Diversity Commitments 2010-2011 Academic Year

Association for Women In Science General meeting, October 2010

Maureen Taylor Luncheon with Students, October 2010

Renewable Energy in Rural Liberia Luncheon, November 2010
Speaker Augustus Goanue, executive director, Rural and Renewable Energy Agency of Liberia
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Native American Heritage Month, November 2010
A month long celebration of Native American heritage that included speakers, films, a bus trip and displays.
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AIDS Gala and walk, December 2010
The AIDS Gala took place on December 3, 2010, followed by the AIDS walk on December 4, 2010. The focus of the AIDS Gala and walk is solely to raise money for the International AIDS Alliance and to educate The University of Toledo and the surrounding community about AIDS and how it affects our area, our nation, and our world. Mary Kay Davies, an assistant professor at UT, spoke about AIDS at the Gala.

ebony embers

Of Ebony Embers: Vignettes of the Harlem Renaissance, February 2011
A live music theatre piece for solo actor and trio (cello, piano, percussion) exploring African American music and poetry of the 1920’s and 30’s.
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“Who’s Really on First” – Dave Pallone, former major league baseball umpire, February 2011
Dave has dedicated his life to educating and enlightening people about the reality of sexual orientation. His philosophy of respecting yourself and others provides in-sight into the complex issues and challenges that come from understanding sexual orientation.
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Women's History Month, February 2011
PLSD co-sponsored the featured speakers, Marcy Kaptur and Evelyn Hu-Dehart spoke on reclaiming history and making all Americans visible to UT and the community.

From UT Student to Corporate CEO – Papi Leapeetswe Molotsane, March 2011
Distinguished alumnus from the UT Colleges of Business and Engineering discussed “The Importance of Global and Geographical Diversity for Successful Careers.”
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LGBTQ Safe Places Inaugural Training Event, March 2011

2011 Graduate Student Association Symposium, March 2011
The University of Toledo Graduate Student Association hosted the 2011 Midwest Graduate Research Symposium where graduate students all over the Midwest presented their groundbreaking research and from intercollegiate networks.
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Women’s Empowerment Summit, March 2011
Took a look at hip-hop and media forms that define manhood, sexism, violence, and homophobia. Included an interactive sexuality education session that discussed misconceptions about sex, methods of protection, and resources on how to make healthy choices for our bodies and lives.
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From The University of Toledo to Global Leadership in Business and Technology, March 2011
A forum featuring Papi Molotsane, a UT graduate and business executive. He spoke about the the critical importance of global commodity supply chain.

For Love of Africa Event, April 2011
The African People’s Association program to erase stereotypes about the continent and its people while entertaining the audience.
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2011 Graduate Student Association Research Symposium, April 2011
A research symposium aimed at giving graduate students from all fields of study a chance to present their research to colleagues from other universities in the Midwest and to the public. The event also provided an opportunity to expose area high schools students to the field of research and discovery by giving them a chance to interact with graduate researchers and faculty from various fields of study.

Association for Women In Science Event, April 2011
Northwest Ohio Chapter of the association of Women in Science hosted event, “We are the Ones We Have Been Waiting for,” to honor and empower women who have dedicated their lives to sciences. Dr. Anne Baker, executive director of the Toledo Zoo, was the speaker.
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diversity week

2011 Diversity Week, April 2011
Several offices, organizations and departments organized a week full of fun and educational events to celebrate Diversity week at UT.
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2011 Latino Youth Summit, June 2011

“When and Where I Enter” A forward to Professorship Program, August 2011

Make effective use of your time to tenure, secure research funding, navigate the tenure-track process and more.
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