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Culture Building Institute Video Catalog

Welcome to the UT Diversity Culture Building Institute Video Catalog!

Sponsored by the Office of Equity, Diversity & Community Engagement, the Culture Building Institute (CBI) was created to provide education and information about the topic of diversity and to engage the campus community in dialogue and discussion addressing relevant issues. 

Please follow the links below to watch videos of our various sessions. All of the sessions were recorded in the Conference Room at the Catharine S. Eberly Center for Women, located in Tucker Hall on Main Campus. New sessions will be posted throughout the semester. If you are interested in hosting any of these sessions in your department please contact 419-530-7232 for more information.

UT Supplier Diversity
Presented by Jennifer Pastorek, Director of Supply Chain Management at the University of Toledo.

Chapter 1- Definition of Diverse Suppliers, How UT's Program Works and Basic Purchasing Rules
Chapter 2- Purchasing Card Rules and an Exploration of Purchasing Website (Diverse Suppliers Database, contact links, etc.)
Chapter 3- State and Local Diverse Supplier Database Exploration, Purchasing Responsibilities and Questions

Bullying on College Campuses
Presented by Dr. Lisa Kovach and UTPD Chief Jeff Newton. They will be discussing the haunting trend of bullying specifically on college campuses, how to recognize it, and how to help stop it from happening here at UT and everywhere.

Chapter 1- Introduction and Definition of the Different Types of Bullying
Chapter 2- Results from UT Student Focus Group and Discussion on "Cyberbullying"
Chapter 3- Continued Discussion on UT Student Focus Group Results in the Classroom
Chapter 4- Discussion on the Effects of Internalization of Bullying
Chapter 5- Discussion on the Effects of Externalization of Bullying
Chapter 6- What can we do? and Questions

Non-Traditional Students: Who They are and What They Need to Succeed
Presented by Dr. Dennis Lettman, Dean of the College of Adult and Lifelong Learning (CALL) and Mary Jo Bordon, CALL Assistant Director. They will be discussing what it means to be a non-traditional student at UT and what CALL is doing to assist this growing population.

Chapter 1- Introduction and Background Information on "Adult Learners"
Chapter 2- College Jeopardy Game
Chapter 3- Questions

Creating a Harassment-Free UT: Stopping Sexual Harassment
This session features Diane Docis, Director of the Sexual Assault Education and Prevention Program at UT's Main Campus. The videos offer an in depth discussion of what sexual harassment is and how we can help stop sexual harassment here at UT.

Chapter 1: Introduction and Definition of Sexual Harassment
Chapter 2: Behaviors that Constitute Sexual Harassment
Chapter 3: Impact of Sexual Harassment
Chapter 4: Discussion on What to do if you are Sexually Harassed
Chapter 5: UT Sexual Harassment Policy
Chapter 6: Prevention of Sexual Harassment
Chapter 7: Questions

Your Brand Across Multiple Cultural Platforms
Presented by Esther Fabian, Associate Vice President for Branding and Creative Service and Candice Harrison, Director of Health-Care Marketing. They will be discussing how UT works to appeal to audiences from many different cultures and populations.

Chapter 1: Introduction and Definition of "Brand"
Chapter 2: Are you Relevant to Your Audience? Do you Need to be?
Chapter 3: "Culture is Not just About Skin Tone"
Chapter 4: Strategies for Successful Testimonial Marketing
Chapter 5: Marketing Activity
Chapter 6: Questions

 Sexual Harassment Policy Review

This session features Kevin West, Senior Human Resources Officer at UT. In the videos Sexual Harassment Policy will be reviewed and it  helps the audience to develop a better understanding of the topic by introducing practical and interactive examples.

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