Is Online Learning Right for You?


Take these simple quizzes to assess your readiness for this unique and exciting learning environment.

Step 1: General

  1. I would classify myself as a student who:

  2. Which statement best describes you?

  3. I learn best from a class:


  4. On tests and other school assignments:

  5. When it comes to the organization of the class material:

  6. I believe in taking responsibility for my education.

  7. Having face-to-face interaction with my instructors and other students is:

  8. Going to a physical classroom on a regular basis for a class is:

  9. Education - Check all that apply

    I have strong reasons for furthering my education and consider myself dedicated to meeting my goals
    I have a distinct and focused professional strategy in which a degree or professional certification is critical
    I place a high value on education and lifelong learning
    I feel comfortable approaching an instructor with questions about assignments or for clarification
    None of the above

  10. I enjoy working in a computerized environment.


Last Updated: 7/5/16