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Blackboard 9.1 Online Guide: Email
Online Learning Modules


Blackboard's Email tool is designed to help faculty quickly communicate with students, faculty and staff, as well as TAs. Email allows faculty to send utoledo email to students, TAs or an entire class from within the Blackboard course without creating a distribution list.


After completing this module, the learner will be able to:

  • Access the email tool
  • Select recipients
  • Attach files
  • Send email
Learning Activities

Watch the video tutorial below or read the quick reference guide for instructions:

It's Your Turn!

It's your turn! Access the email tool in your course and send a message to yourself.

Best Practices in Higher Education
  • Use the email tool for messages that students need to receive quickly.
  • Outline clear communication guidelines for students at the beginning of the term:
    • What can students can expect from you in terms of a response time? Set a generous boundary for yourself and stick to it.
    • Send students an email during the first week of class and ask them to reply to your message.
  • Remember: any messages sent with Blackboard's email tool will not be saved within the course site. To maintain a permanent record of any messages sent, consider using Blackboard's Messages tool instead.

Blackboard's Email tool is a great vehicle for quickly sending messages to students in a course.

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