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Blackboard 9.1 Online Guide: Grade Center
Online Learning Modules


More than a spreadsheet, Blackboard's robust Grade Center includes many new features for managing student performance and feedback.


After completing this module, the learner will be able to:

  • Perform basic Grade Center functions
  • Customize the grade center view
  • Create a grade rule
  • Access the annonymous grading feature
  • Create a grade center report
  • Create a grading rubric
  • Grade assessments question by question
Learning Activities

First, read Getting Started with the Grade Center. Next, view the videos below to learn more.

It's Your Turn!

Itis highly recommended that you apply what you have learned in this tutorial directly in your own Bb 9.1 course environment.

Best Practices in Higher Education
  • Use a consistent naming convention for column names.
  • Clearly communicate grading scale and assessment weights in the course syllabus.
  • Create and attach rubrics to columns for authentic and performance-based tasks.
  • Grade Center columns will be display vertically for the student in the order that they appear horizontally to the instructor in the Grade Center. Keep related assignments together in order to reduce confusion for the student.

Blackboard's redesigned Grade Center offers a robust set of features enable faculty to effectively manage student grades and provide timely feedback to students.

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