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Bb9.1 Guide: Online Learning Module


Blackboard 9.1 FAQ

Communicating With Your Students

    • Click the plus sign + (Add Menu Item Button) and choose an item (create content area).
    • Enter a title in the name box -- Communications
    • Check the box for Available to Users, and click the Submit button.

    content area

    • Then, let’s add the Messages Tool.
    • Click on the Communications area you just added on the left course menu.
    • Mouse over Build Content.
    • Click Tool area.
    • Select Messages.


    • Click the Next button.
    • Enter a brief description about this tool, e.g. how this tool will be used in this course.
    • Click the Submit button.
    • Notes: Other communication tools such as email, discussion board, collaboration can be added the same way.

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  • How do I send a message to my students with the Messages tool?
    • Click the Messages tool on your course site.
    • Click Create Message

    • Click the TO button.


    • Select a recipient's name from the Select Recipients: To Line list. If you want to select multiple students from the list, click and hold the Control (Ctrl) key as you select students.
    • Click the right arrow >> button to move the recipients to the Recipients list.
    • Enter a subject.
    • Enter your message.
    • A file can be attached by clicking Choose File.
    • Click the Submit button to send the message.

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  • How do I send email messages to my students?
    • Locate the email tool on your course site and click it (It’s under Course Tools or the left course menu if you added this tool on the course menu.).
    • Click Single/ Select users to reveal a list of users in this course.
    • Select a recipient's name from Available to Select.
    • Click the right arrow button to move the recipients to the selected list.
    • Enter a subject.
    • Enter your message.
    • Please note that you will not be able to save a copy of the sent message. If you would like to keep a copy of the email in your UT email account, click the check box to the right of Return Receipt.
    • You also attach a file by clicking Attach a file.
    • Click the Submit button.

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