Learning Ventures

Video Tutorials: Blackboard and Other Educational Tools

The following video tutorials are provided to help you create and maintain your online course.


New Blackboard Features

  • Overview of SP10 & 11 Enhancements
  • Using the New Content Editor
  • Calendar Enhancements
  • Discussion Enhancements
  • Inline Grading for Assignments
  • Using the Retention Center
  • Running Item Analysis on a Test



  • A Guide to UT Online Learning
  • Link to Another Course Site
  • Add Student/TA/Co-Instructor
  • New Class Roster
  • Deleting a Student
  • Hidden Menu
  • Make Course Site Unavailable to Users


Adding/Removing Blackboard Files

  • Add your start here file
  • Add your syllabus
  • Add your schedule
  • Remove a file/item
  • Remove a link
  • Add a subfolder in the content area
  • Add an assignment
  • Add a SafeAssign assignment


Archiving/Copying a Course

  • Archive your course
  • Download your course archive
  • Import course archive
  • Copy a course
  • Hide old courses



  • Exporting gradebook to Excel
  • How to Edit Grading Scales
  • Show/Hide Columns in Grade Center
  • Import Grades
  • Setup Weighted Columns
  • Downloading Student Assignments
  • Return Graded Assignments


Formatting a Course

  • Change course start date
  • Change button style



  • Creating Tests
  • Create Extended-Time Tests and Use Adaptive Release
  • Print Individuals' Questions and Answers to a Test
  • Copy Tests or Surveys from One Course to Another
  • Resetting a Test
  • Remove Adaptive Release
  • Downloading Respondus
  • Downloading Course Evaluation Results



  • Create Public Area
  • Public Area & Guest Access
  • Create Groups
  • E-mail and Messaging
  • Adding a Discussion Board
  • Creating Group Discussions



  • How to Embed a YouTube Video
  • How to Upload a YouTube Video
  • Editing YouTube Captions


Other Multimedia

  • MyLabsPlus
  • Add NookStudy Tool
  • Link to NOOKstudy Book
  • Embed a Slideshare Presentation
  • Using SCOPIA Desktop Conferencing




Last Updated: 6/26/15