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Multimedia Design

Multi-media collage thumbnailUT Online provides high-quality, effective e-learning solutions, including audio, video, animation and interactivity, graphical user interface, simulations and assessment tools. The Multimedia Designer works in conjunction with Instructional Designers and faculty subject matter experts to conceptualize and produce interactive instructional content for online courses. The Multimedia Designers may also build and deploy interfaces that enhance and integrate with our academic courses.

We develop and execute multimedia solutions to meet your Web-based teaching/learning objectives by:

  • Recording, editing and processing digital audio and video (green screen)
  • Translating training needs into interactive, Web-based models
  • Developing and creating high quality 2D and 3D graphical elements
  • Developing high quality 3D graphic and animated objects
  • Participating in the designing, coding, programming and interface development for mobile devices (HTML5, PHP, JavaScript, etc.)
  • Supporting the development of storyboarding, scripts, prototypes, alpha and beta testing
  • Suggesting techniques for creating collaborative and active learning activities, including developing simulation-based learning models
  • Guiding faculty in evaluating current course design to encourage improvements with visual instructional materials
  • Conceptualizing special-purpose media projects
  • Provide multimedia support to faculty and stakeholders 

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Robert Nix, MFA
Multimedia Designer

Michael S. Douglas, MFA
Multimedia Designer

Last Updated: 6/9/16