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Congress and the Legislative Process

Course Preview
Political Science 4280-5280 - Summer II 2013
Date preview posted: April 4, 2013

The Course examines the US Congress. Graduate students have additional reading and writing on the legislative process. Summer school is fast paced. We cover an entire semester in six weeks. An assignment, either a test or an essay, is due every Sunday at midnight.

If you have already signed up for the course and are wondering how to get a head start before the term begins, buy the textbook and start reading. It is Congress and its Members 13th edition by Roger Davidson, Walter Oleszek and Francis Lee. The publisher is Sage-CQ Press. We will read an article on parliamentary procedure available on the Internet. You absolutely must have the textbook within the first few days or you will fail the first test. If you are reckless enough to buy on the Internet, pay extra for overnight delivery. Extra reading for graduate students is given on their own web page. Both the Barnes and Noble and Bancroft St. Student bookstores will have the book. Experience in past summers shows that students who are late getting their textbook often fall behind quickly, and end up dropping the course.

Last Updated: 6/9/16