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Online Instructor's Proctored Testing Form

This form is for online instructors

Students, please use the "Test Proctoring" form 

Permission for off-site proctored testing arrangements

Online instructors of distant students:* please complete this form no later than the third week of the term (first week of summer sessions) for courses requiring proctored tests.

This form grants permission to your online distant students, within the U.S.,** to test off-site with a professional proctor approved by UT Online. On-campus or other proctoring arrangements, including students who are not online and distant, are between you and your student and do not involve UT Online.

Please alert your online distant* students that they need to inform you and complete the student request form** as soon as possible, but no later than the third week of the term (the first week of summer sessions.) 

*The University of Toledo defines distant students as students whose current residence is 50 miles or more from the UT campus. 

**Please note — students testing outside of the U.S. use ProctorU and use a different form. Contact UT Online Helpdesk, 419-530-8835, for more information. We also ask your students to provide written permission from you to use ProctorU.

Ensuring testing integrity

The student will follow established testing guidelines and comply with The University of Toledo’s academic dishonesty policy. UT Online has the authority to suggest alternate proctors/locations, should the student's choice of proctor and/or location prove to be outside of our established testing guidelines. Our suggested professional proctor will, at the least, be near the student's current location as well as meeting all other requirements.  

Questions? Call or e-Mail: UT Online Helpdesk, 419-530-8835 (866-886-5336).

* Indicates a required field.

Last Updated: 4/3/19