Carver Center



Sabrina Brancatto


I am currently a sophomore in the AYA program here with the goal of becoming a junior/senior high school math teacher. I intend to graduate in the Spring of 2020.

Jerold Brown


I am a junior in the accounting program and I have two on campus jobs here at UT. I work here in the Carver Center and I work in the accounts payable department. I will graduate spring 2020.

Felicia Van Dress


I am in my last semester of studying early childhood education with a concentration in mathematics. I am student teaching in a third grade classroom and loving every minute of it!  I will graduate in May of 2018. I traveled to Germany and Hawaii through the Camp Adventure program offered at UT.

Cassandra Wood


I am currently a fourth year student studying Middle Childhood Education with concentrations in Mathematics and Language Arts. I am also minoring in Counseling and English. I have been working at the Carver Center for two years and I plan to graduate in Spring 2019.


The attached links provide information regarding employment in the Judith Herb College of Education Carver Resource Center (CRC):

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