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CODE 9 - Officer Needs assistance documentary

Trailer - Code 9 - A documentary on Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome and how it affects first responders.  The mission of the Code 9 Project is to make mental health a priority for all first responders and their families.



About the ALICE program - Greg Crane, founder of the ALICE Training Institute

Why ALICE Training - July 2, 2012


BRAVE - Behavioral Threat Assessment in Schools - Greater Toledo Bullying, Suicide and Targeted Violence Prevention and Intervention Resources

Bullying: Causes, Consequences and Best Practice in Prevention and Intervention - Dr. Lisa Pescara-Kovach - 2015

Preventing Bullying = Creating Safety - WGTE 2013 Annual Report on Content and Community Service to the Community

Changing College Culture: Bullying Prevention and Intervention at the Post-Secondary Level - Dr. Lisa Pescara-Kovach - March 17, 2012

University of Toledo Assistant Professor Lisa Kovach discusses how various parenting styles can affect the likelihood that a child will bully others. - March 10, 2011


Dangers of social media explained at town hall - Our Town Sylvania - November 21, 2014

University of Toledo - Issues & Trends in Residence Halls -July 11, 2013

UT associate professor discusses cyber bullying - October 14, 2010

Disaster and Active Shooter Prevention and Preparation

Emergency Triage 

University of Toledo Medical Center Terrorism and Disaster Preparation

Defending Against an Active Shooter in a Healthcare Setting



Lisa Pescara-Kovach and Mike Webber on the link between Social Isolation and Alienation and Workplace Violence

Lisa Pescara-Kovach and Mike Webber on the Prevention of School Violence
 - WGTE Public Broadcasting - April 17, 2013

13 ABC Rountable with UT's Lisa Kovach - March 11, 2012

Young and violent: Watching for 10 signs of trouble - Honolulu Advertiser - December 18, 2007

Suicide Prevention

Workshop for School Personnel, Nurses, Counselors, Social Workers and Community Stakeholders - The Lucas County Suicide Prevention Coalition "Be a Friend" Campaign

13 ABC - Bullied to Death 

Jeremy White and Lisa Pescara-Kovach on Bullying-related Suicide

Rise of Social Media Increasing the Risk of Cyberbullying

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