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Advanced Degrees

Licensure and Masters Program (LAMP)
The LAMP Program is designed for students who already hold a bachelor's degree and wish to pursue a teaching license and Master's degree.

Educational Technology
If you’re interested in teaching in a virtual environment, we offer a Virtual Educator Certificate (online). If you’d like to become an expert in Educational Technology, with an eye toward becoming an Instructional Designer, or working in industry or academia, you might choose to pursue an Master of Education degree (online) or Ph.D. in Educational Technology.

Advanced degrees in educational technology

Career-Tech Education
We offer Master of Education and Education Specialist degrees in CTE.

If you are getting licensed in CTE and already have a BA, you can earn your Master's degree alongside your teaching license. The Master’s Degree Program is designed for students interested in extending their proficiency in teaching, adding endorsements to their licenses, or pursuing an administrative license as a Vocational Director

If you're interested in becoming a Career-Tech Supervisor or Director, consider pursuing the Ed. Specialist degree.

Curriculum and Instruction -- Masters' Degree Programs

Master of Education
For those who with to learn more about teaching and curriculum design, or to focus on a particular aspect of education, the M.Ed. degree offers advanced study in Curriculum and Instruction.

Master of Arts and Education or Science and Education
If you are passionate about a teaching a particular subject, the MAE or MSE degree can help you advance your career as an educator, whether in a K-12 classroom, at the community college level, or anyplace from a museum to a metropark. Several of the degrees may be earned alongside the College Credit Plus teaching credential.

Areas of Study: Biology (online), Chemistry (online), Economics, English (online), English as a Second Language (ESL), French, Geography, Geology, German, History, Mathematics, Physics, Political Science, Sociology, Spanish.

Curriculum and Instruction -- Education Specialist Degree
The Education Specialist in Curriculum and Instruction program is designed for educators who wish to become advanced practitioners in their field. The degree culminates in a practicum experience working in a school setting. Education Specialists often become teacher leaders, Curriculum Specialists, Assessment Specialists, or Mentor Teachers in their districts.

Curriculum and Instruction -- Doctoral Degree Programs
For those who wish to become educational experts, whether you aim to work in academia, in public or private schools, as a consultant, or in related fields,  you may earn a Ph.D. through Curriculum and Instruction with a focus on either Curriculum and Instruction or Secondary Education.

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