College of Health Sciences


Student Computer Support

When checking out a laptop, wireless card, or any other gear in the College of Health Science and Human Service, I understand that I am subject to the following conditions stated in the Tech Fee Equipment Checkout Form. If I violate any of the following conditions, my access rights may be revoked immediately and permanently. A brief summary is noted:

  1. Iwill be responsible for any and all equipment I have checked out. I am liable for any damaged and missing equipment I checked out.
  2. Iunderstand that I must present a student ID and a second picture ID, if needed, in order to check out equipment from the CHSHS College Computing department and my major must be in the College of Health Science and Human Service.
  3. Imay only check out one (1) laptop with associated peripherals at a time.
  4. Iwill return all equipment I have checked out within the specified time period. Permission for extended use will not be granted for any reason. However, if equipment is available, checkouts can be renewed. Equipment borrowed from the CHSHS College Computing is only to be returned to the CHSHS College Computing information desk, HH2400.
  5. Checking out equipment is a privilege that requires me to be responsible for all equipment under my care.  Any equipment not returned on time will result in a fine or replacement cost and/or revoked privileges.
  6. Iwill be charged for any damage to equipment checked out to me.
  7. If I fail to return the laptop or fail to pay my fines a police report will be filed 90 days after invoice.
  8. Any attempt to deceive employees of the CHSHS College Computing department will result in immediate and permanent loss of all access privileges as well as possible disciplinary action.


Disorderly or disruptive conduct by any student utilizing College of Health Science and Human Service Technology Fee equipment and resources will be disciplined through the judicial policies and sanctions as set out in The University of Toledo Student Handbook.

The above sanctions include, among other things, the loss of the Tech Fee privileges and/or disciplinary dismissal from The University of Toledo.

Equipment must be returned to the College of Health Science and Human Service College Computing information desk on or before the date due to avoid late charges.

Last Updated: 6/9/16