Office of Student Services

Field Experience Coordinators

Once you have been accepted into your Professional Education Program you will begin your experience in the education field as an advanced Judith Herb College of Education student. 

Jennifer Fulwider will coordinate your placements.

Jennifer Fulwider

Jennifer Fulwider
Gillham Hall 3100A



Field Experience Students
    Becoming a Teacher at UT handbook
PDF   Student Teaching Frequently Asked Questions
PDF   Student Teacher Personal Data Sheet
PDF   Electronic Fingerprinting Info
PDF   Methods Student Attendance Form
Early Childhood Professional Packet
PDF   Professional Packet Cover Letter
PDF   Medical Form
PDF   Statement of Non-Conviction
University Supervisors & Cooperating Teachers
PDF   Field Observation for Methods and Student Teaching 
PDF   Student Teaching Mid-Semester and Final Evaluation
PDF   Methods Final Evaluation
PDF   Cooperating Teacher Handbook
PDF   Supervisor Handbook
JHCOE Faculty & Staff
   JHCOE Disposition Referral Form



Last Updated: 6/9/16