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Dana Excelling into Engineering Program

The Dana Excelling into Engineering Scholarship Program is a partnership between the University of Toledo College of Engineering, Dana Incorporated, and Toledo Excel aimed at increasing the recruitment, enrollment, retention, and success of underrepresented minority students in degree programs offered by the College of Engineering at the University of Toledo. The program is designed to give motivated students with an expressed interest in engineering the opportunity to increase their knowledge of and exposure to a variety of engineering careers and to enhance their academic preparation. The four-stage program begins after the completion of 11th Grade and continues through the completion of a degree from the College of Engineering at the University of Toledo. The stages of the program are outlined below. 



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1. Excelling into Engineering Summer Institute

Dates: July 10th to August 4th 2017 (M-F)

The Excelling into Engineering Summer Institute is a four week non-residential summer program for rising high school seniors (i.e. students who have completed 11th grade).  The program includes an introduction to several engineering disciplines and the engineering design process, academic enrichment, and engineering career discovery. The key components of the Excelling into Engineering Summer Institute are:

  • Introduction to Engineering Disciplines and the Engineering Design Process
  • Spatial Visualization Skills training
  • ACT Prep Course (16 hours of ACT test preparation)
  • Pairing with an engineer mentor from Dana Incorporated
  • Field trips


2. Excelling into Engineering Mentoring Program

During the 12th grade academic year the students will attend monthly mentoring/professional development seminars on a variety of topics related to their college preparation including:

  • The college application process
  • Financial aid and budgeting
  • Study skills and time management
  • Campus life


3. Excelling into Engineering Summer Bridge Program

Students who apply to the College of Engineering, meet all admission criteria and choose to enroll in a degree program in the College of Engineering will participate in the Excelling into Engineering Bridge Program during the summer following their 12th grade year. The Excelling into Engineering Summer Bridge Program will be held in conjunction with the Multicultural Emerging Scholars Program Summer Bridge. During this six week program students will live on campus and enroll in six credits of summer courses.  Students will also participate in academic and social enrichment activities, and explore the resources and support services available on campus.  


4. Excelling into Engineering Mentoring and Scholarship Program

Students in the Excelling into Engineering program will continue to meet as a cohort both formally and informally while enrolled at the University of Toledo. Workshops related to professional development and academic success will be offered every semester. The Dana engineering mentors will play an active role in these workshops.

Students in the program who enroll in the College of Engineering in one of the degree programs listed below and whose tuition and fees are not already covered by scholarships from the university or other funding sources will be awarded scholarships to cover full tuition and fees. These scholarships will be renewable annually provided that the student remains in good academic standing and that GPA and coursework requirements are met.

  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Chemical Engineering
  • Engineering Technology (Computer Science and Engineering Technology, Electrical Engineering Technology, Information Technology, and Mechanical Engineering Technology)
  • Environmental Engineering
  • Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

Students in these majors will have the opportunity to complete semester-long paid cooperative experiences with Dana Incorporated while enrolled in the College of Engineering.


Eligibility Requirements

Underrepresented minority students currently in 11th grade who are interested in participating in the Excelling into Engineering Summer Institute who meet the following criteria are encouraged to apply

  • A strong interest in pursuing a degree in engineering or technology
  • A Cumulative HS GPA of 2.8 or higher
  • Must be enrolled in Algebra II or higher and planning to take trigonometry, pre-calculus or higher in 12th grade
  • Must have completed high school chemistry, or plan to complete high school chemistry by the end of 12th grade

Students from Toledo Public Schools are especially encouraged to apply.


Last Updated: 4/30/18