Chemical Engineering

Department Contact Information

Our address is provided below along with map links. Upon arrival, you will be warmly greeted by Renee Norrils, our Secretary.

If you seek academic advising, Chanda Raine, our Associate Director of Department Student Services, is the go-to person for virtually everything. Professor Dong-Shik Kim, our Undergraduate Director, also can provide excellent advice on undergraduate advising and curricular issues. Graduate students will come to rely upon the insightful guidance of Professor Yakov Lapitsky, our Graduate Director.

Glenn Lipscomb, the Department Chair, always is willing to provide assistance in any area. The contact information for everyone is provided below.



Chemical Engineering
The University of Toledo
3048 Nitschke Hall (MS 305)
1650 N Westwood Ave
Toledo, OH 43607-1206
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Phone: +1 (419) 530-8088
Fax: +1 (419) 530-8086



Renee Norrils
3048 Nitschke, 419-530-8080




Chanda Raine
Assoc. Dir. Dept. Student Services
3050 Nitschke, 419-530-8096




Dong Shik

Dong-Shik Kim
Undergraduate Director
3051 Nitschke, 419-530-8084



Yakov Lapitsky
Graduate Director
3056 Nitschke, 419-530-8254



Glenn Lipscomb
3046 Nitschke, 419-530-8088




Last Updated: 6/24/19