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Chemical Engineering Faculty

CHE Faculty
Ana C. Alba-Rubio Ana C. Alba-Rubio
419-530-8103 / CV
Dr. Chen Rongrong Chen
419-530-8065 / CV
Maria R. Coleman Maria R. Coleman
419-530-8091 / CV
Dong-Shik Kim Dong-Shik Kim
419-530-8084 / CV
Yakov Lapitsky Yakov Lapitsky
419-530-8254 / CV
Steven E. LeBlanc Steven E. LeBlanc
419-530-8264 / CV
Matthew Liberatore Matthew Liberatore
419-530-8267 / CV
G. Glenn Lipscomb G. Glenn Lipscomb
419-530-8088 / CV
Thehazhnan (Thihal) Ponnaiyan Thehazhnan (Thihal) Ponnaiyan
419-530-8099 / CV
Constance A. Schall Constance A. Schall
419-530-8097 / CV
Youngwoo Seo Youngwoo Seo
419-530-8131 / CV
Sridhar Viamajala Sridhar Viamajala
419-530-8094 / CV
Faculty Awards
University Outstanding Teacher
Professors ColemanLeBlanc, and Lipscomb
University Outstanding Researcher
Professor Jabarin and Varanasi
College Outstanding Teacher
Professors Coleman and Lipscomb
College Outstanding Researcher
Professors ColemanLipscombSchallVaranasiViamajala, and Lapitsky
Excellence in Supervision of UG Research
Professor Kim and Lapitsky


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