Chemical Engineering

Maria R. Coleman


Maria R. Coleman 
Phone: +1 (419) 530-8091
Fax: +1 (419) 530-8086

The University of Toledo
Chemical Engineering (MS 305)
3054 Nitschke Hall
1650 N Westwood Ave
Toledo, Ohio 43606-3390






1986 B.S. in Chemical Engineering, Louisiana Tech University
1992 Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering, University of Texas at Austin


Research Interests

My research interests lie in the following three broad interrelated areas:

Polymeric materials for membrane based separations with emphasis on ionic liquid based polymers for targeted solubility based selectivity, multifunctional network polymers, and surface modification of polymeric membranes. Membranes and systems of interest include gas separations at harsh conditions, pervaporation, membrane distillation, and water purification. Funding from National Science Foundation and Ohio Coal Development Office.

Mulitfunctional polymer nanocomposites with focus on application driven approach to component selection, composite design and synthesis. Efforts in our group have focused primarily on design of interfacial region between nanofillers and polymer matrix including modification of nanofiller surface with covalently bound monomers, polymers and block copolymers. In addition, the impact on the thermal-mechanical and conducting properties of nanofiller type, loading and processing method are being investigated. Funding from Department of Army.

Sustainable materials synthesis and processing with focus on alternative feedstock for monomers or nanofillers, energy reduction and solvent reduction. Key aspects include consideration of desired properties, processibility using traditional methods, economics and environmental sustainability. Specific interest of our group is in the following areas: (i) separation requirements for material synthesis and processing, (ii) alternatives nanofillers from renewable feedstocks and (iii) detailed structure-property analysis for biobased polymer nanocomposites.


Selected Publications

Membranes Gas Separations

  1. Hu. L, X. Xu, and M. R. Coleman, “Impact of Ion Type on Structure and Transport Property Evolution of Matrimid® , “Sep. Scie. And Technology, 43, Issue 16, 4030-4055 2008.
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Water Purification and Hydrogels

  1. Nave, F.M., Y.Z. Luo, and M. R. Coleman, “Impact of Mobile Phase Parameters on Transport Properties of Metal Affinity Hydrogel Membranes, “Sep. Scie. And Technology, 43, Issue 16, 4075-4098 (2008).
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  5. G. Iyer, P. Iyer, L.M.V. Tillekeratne, M.R. Coleman and A. Nadarajah, “Controlling Phase Transition Behavior of Thermally Responsive Metal Affinity Hydrogels: A Molecular Design Approach,” Macromolecules, 40, p5850 (2007).
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  1. Li, X. and M.R. Coleman “Functionalization of carbon nanofibers with diamine and polyimide oligmer”, Carbon, 46, Issue: 8, pp. 1115-1125 (2008).
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