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Phone: (419) 530-8140
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Alam, Mansoor, Ph.D. - Professor

Mansoor Alam

Research Areas: Networking, Simulation, Performance Evaluation, Fault-Tolerance
Room: NI 2008G Phone: (419) 530-8196 
Email: mansoor.alam2@utoledo.edu

Georgiev, Daniel, Ph.D. - Associate Professor And graduate director

Research Areas: Optoelectronic and Microelectronic Materials and Devices, Lasers and Laser Processing of Materials, Glasses, Thin Films, Materials Characterization
Room: NI 2060 Phone: (419) 530-8184 
Email: daniel.georgiev@utoledo.edu  Personal Website

Heuring, Gerald, Ph.D. - Assistant Professor

Research Areas: Computer Graphics, Operating Systems
Room: NI 2022 Phone: (419) 530-8XXX 
Email: gerald.heuring@utoledo.edu  Personal Website

Javaid, Ahmad, Ph.D. - Assistant Professor


Research Areas: Cyber Security, Wireless Sensor, Mobile and Computer Networks, Data Mining/Analytics
Room: NI 2051 Phone: (419) 530-8260 
Email:  ahmad.javaid@utoledo.edu Personal Website

Johnson, Anthony, Ph.D. - Associate Professor

Anthony Johnson

Research Areas: VLSI and ASIC System Design 
Room: NI 2049 Phone: (419) 530-8176 
Email: anthony.johnson@utoledo.edu  Personal Website

Kaur, Devinder, Ph.D. - Professor

Research Areas: Computer Architecture, Parallel and Distributed Processing, Intelligent Systems based on Fuzzy Logic, Neural Networks and Genetic Algorithm
Room: NI 2031 Phone: (419) 530-8163 
Email: devinder.kaur@utoledo.edu  Personal Website

Khanna, Raghav, Ph.D. - Assistant Professor

Raghav Khanna

Research Areas: Wide bandgap semiconductor device modeling for next generation power electronic circuits, renewable energy and electric vehicles
Room: NI 2056 Phone: (419) 530-8183 
Email: raghav.khanna@utoledo.edu

Kim, Junghwan, Ph.D. - Professor

Junghwan Kim

Research Areas: Satellite/Mobile Communication Systems, Tactical Radio Communication/Network/Anti-Jamming (AJ) Technology, Multimedia Broadcasting, Modulation and Channel Coding, Physical Layer (PHY)-based Encryption, Localization
Room: NI 2054 Phone: (419) 530-8182 
Email: jung.kim@utoledo.edu

Molyet, Richard, Ph.D. - senior Lecturer/undergraduate director

Research Areas: Automatic Control, Robotics
Room: NI 2008F Phone: (419) 530-8143
Email: richard.molyet@utoledo.edu  Personal Website

Niamat, Mohammed, Ph.D. - Professor

Research Areas: Testing of digital, reconfigurable, system on chip (SOC) and VLSI circuits;built in self test (BIST); fault modeling; modeling and testing of nano electronic devices using quantum dot cellular automata (QCA)
Room: NI 2061 Phone: (419) 530-8197
Email: mohammed.niamat@utoledo.edu

Salari, Ezzatollah, Ph.D. - Professor

Research Areas: Data Compression and Coding, Image/Video/Signal Processing, Applied Neural Networks
Room: NI 2037 Phone: (419) 530-6002 
Email:  esalari@utnet.utoledo.edu Personal Website

Serpen, Gursel, Ph.D. - Professor

Gursel Serpen

Research Areas: Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Neural Networks, Theory and Applications in Biomedical Informatics, Computer Security, and Optimization 
Room: NI 2027 Phone: (419) 530-8158
Email: gursel.serpen@utoledo.edu  Personal Website

Xu, Kevin, Ph.D. - Assistant Professor

Research Areas: Machine learning, Data analytics, Human dynamics, Network science, Statistical signal processing 
Room: NI 2055 Phone: (419) 530-8144 
Email: kevin.xu@utoledo.edu Personal Website

Adjunct and part time Faculty

Devabhaktuni, Vijay, Ph.d. 

Research Areas: Applied Electromagnetics, Computer Aided Design (CAD), Data Fusion, Human Machine Teaming (HMT), Machine Learning, RF & Microwave CAD, Virtual Reality
Room: NI 2062 Phone: (419) 530-8172
Email: Vijay.Devabhaktuni@utoledo.edu 

Last Updated: 2/13/19