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Text Books Edited

"Proceedings of the 1997 Summer Bioengineering Conference", BED-Vol. 35, published by the American Society of Mechanical Engineers, Eds. K.B. Chandran, R. Vanderby, Jr. and M.S. Hefzy.

"Proceedings of the 1995 Summer Bioengineering Conference", BED-Vol. 29, published by the American Society of Mechanical Engineers, Eds. R.M. Hochmuth, N.A. Langrana and M.S. Hefzy.

Refereed Journal Papers only during the last 5 years

M.S. Hefzy, B.P. Kelly and T.D.V. Cooke, "Kinematics of the Knee Joint in Deep Flexion: A Radiographic Assessment", to appear in 1998 in Medical Enginering and Physics (formerly, Journal of Biomedical Engineering).

E.M. Abdel-Rahman and M.S. Hefzy, "Three-Dimensional Dynamic Behavior of the Human Knee Joint", to appear in 1998 in Medical Enginering and Physics (formerly, Journal of Biomedical Engineering).

M.S. Hefzy and S. Singh, "Comparison Between Two Techniques for Modeling Interface Conditions in Porous Coated Hip Endoprosthesis", Medical Engineering and Physics (formerly, Journal of Biomedical Engineering), Vol. 19, No. 1, January 1997, pp. 50-62.

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Morteza Zoghi, M.S. Hefzy, W.T. Jackson, and K.C. Fu, "A Three-Dimensional Morphometrical Study of the Distal Human Femur", Journal of Engineering in Medicine, Vol. 206, pp. 147 - 157, December 1992.

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