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energy engineering seminar series

The energy field, subject to ever-increasing challenges, is vital to all aspects of society and necessary for assuring a sustainable quality of life for our nation and across the globe.  The Energy Engineering Masters program will be hosting relevant seminars on the energy industry each semester.  All are welcome, and professional engineer Continuing Professional Development credits will be available.

 Energy Management, Utilities and Public Policy – What Professionals Need to Know  - Gary leidich


Our first seminar of the series featured industry expert and retired president of FirstEnergy Generation, Gary Leidich. Mr. Leidich addressed energy use and policy from a management perspective, and demonstrated its relevance across disciplines.  On Thursday, March 23, Leidich, presented “Energy Management, Utilities and Public Policy – What Professionals Need to Know” at The University of Toledo College of Engineering Nitschke Auditorium.  This free seminar was directed toward professionals at companies that generate and distribute energy, as well as anyone seeking to manage energy portfolios in a variety of businesses and industries.

View a PDF of Mr. Leidich's presentation HERE

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Last Updated: 10/23/18