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academic policies

General Academic Policies

General Degree Requirements

To obtain a bachelor of science degree in an engineering or engineering technology program, students must have completed 128 credit hours in courses required for the curriculum and must also have a grade point average of at least 2.0 overall (average of C), and at least 2.0 in the student’s major. When a course is repeated (see below), only the grade the last time a course was taken is used in the calculation of the major GPA. Engineering programs require a minimum of three semesters of cooperative education experience. Engineeringtechnology has an optional co-op experience. To obtain an Associate of Applied Science degree in an Engineering Technology program, students must have completed 65-68 semester credit hours in courses required for the curriculum, depending on the program of study.

Curricular Requirements

All eleven of the 128-hour Bachelor of Science programs have a similar structure of mathematics, basic sciences, humanities, social sciences, multicultural studies and engineering topics.

The required curriculum and recommended course sequence for each engineering program are presented in the departmental web pages. These curricula permit the student to complete the degree requirements, along with the co-op requirement, in four and one half years. Engineering technology can be completed in four years without co-op.

University Core Curriculum in Humanities, Social Sciences and Multicultural Studies

All engineering degree candidates are required to complete 15 to 18 credit hours of humanities, social sciences and multicultural courses that are elements of the University Core Curriculum. This simultaneously satisfies the humanities/social sciences/multicultural requirement in the College of Engineering. A list of approved courses is available in the departmental offices and the Office of Undergraduate Studies (Nitschke Hall, Room 1045) or the Engineering Technology Center Office (ETC, Room 101).

Mathematics and Basic Science

All Bachelor of Science in engineering programs require at least 15 hours of mathematics that include calculus through differential equations, 10 hours of calculus-based physics and at least one semester of general chemistry. Courses required in these subjects include MATH 1850, 1860, 2850 and 3860, PHYS 2130 and 2140 and CHEM 1230. Individual programs may have additional requirements in mathematics, chemistry and/or biology.

The Bachelor of Science in engineering technology programs require a minimum of 16 semester hours of mathematics including Calculus and integration; 8 semester hours of technical physics; and, one additional semester of a laboratory-based physical science, such as chemistry or geology.

Engineering Topics

Each program requires a minimum of 48 hours of engineering topics. This is designed to give the graduate a sound background in engineering science and a meaningful design experience appropriate to the selected field of study.

Full-Time Status

A student must carry a minimum of 12 semester hours each term to be considered a full-time student. Students should carry an average of 16 hours of course work each semester to complete the engineering baccalaureate degree course requirements in 8 semesters, (excluding the co-op semesters). Students are considered full-time when on a registered co-op assignment.

Attendance Requirement

Engineering students are involved in very rigorous academic programs. In order to be successful, engineering students are expected to attend all class meetings. The individual faculty member will determine the penalty for absences.

Class Rank

Class rank is based upon the number of semester hours completed and is determined as follows:

Freshman 0 - 29.9 hours
Sophomore 30 - 59.5 hours
Junior 60 - 89.9 hours
Senior 90+ hours

Scholastic Distinction - Graduation with Honors

Undergraduate candidates with a cumulative GPA of 3.3 or higher will graduate with scholastic distinction. This GPA includes all undergraduate coursework taken at the University of Toledo, all undergraduate coursework taken at other institutions, and any grades deleted or forgiven.

No student will be awarded a level of honors above that indicated by the University of Toledo GPA. These averages and the citation they merit are as follows:

Cum laude 3.3
Magna cum laude 3.6
Summa cum laude 3.9

A student graduating with an Associate's degree will receive a scholastic distinction of "high scholarship" if his/her overall GPA is 3.3 or higher.

Eligible candidates will be distinguished at commencement based on all academic work completed prior to the term preceding commencement. The actual honors awarded at the time a degree is posted will be based on the final cumulative GPA.

Students with adjusted GPA’s due to “Grade Deletions” or “Academic Forgiveness” need to be aware that all grades, including deleted grades, will be used in the calculation to determine honors status.

Dean’s List

Each semester full-time students with 12 or more quality hours graded A-F who earn a term GPA of 3.5 or above are named to the Dean’s List. This distinction appears on the student’s transcript. All students who make the Dean’s List are mailed a Dean’s List Certificate approximately one month after grades are submitted. The Dean’s List is also posted in the showcase outside the Office of Undergraduate Studies (Nitschke Hall, Room 1045) and the Engineering Technology Center Office (ETC, Room 101).

Graduation Candidates

After 100 hours have been attempted, students should formulate plans for completion of the program and obtain the necessary approval of the Undergraduate Program Director in their department. Preparation of the final two-semester schedule (Senior Checkout) will be completedto assure that the degree requirements will be met. Once the Associate Dean of Undergraduate Studies has approved the Senior Checkout, a copy will be mailed to the student.

Students planning to graduate must formally apply for graduation at the Registrar’s Office, Rocket Hall, Room 1100.

Graduation applications are available in the College of Engineering Office of Undergraduate Studies, Nitschke Hall, Room 1045; Engineering Technology Center, Room 101; the Registrar’s Office, Rocket Hall, Room 1100, or by visiting

Students planning to graduate in the Spring term should submit their application by approximately the first week of the previous November. The application deadline for Summer or Fall Commencement is approximately the last week in March of the same year. Failure to apply by the deadline may cause a student to miss important mailings and delay their graduation.

Last Updated: 5/23/18