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Energy Outlook

Energy Summary
  • Goal to reduce energy consumption 20% from 2004 levels by 2014, with a corresponding reduction of greenhouse gas.
  • Work to reduce energy by updating HVAC systems, including installing VFDs and efficient motors as well as lighting systems, including occupancy sensors, timers, efficient T8 lamps, compact fluorescent, and LEDs
  • Phased out coal and now only use natural gas at our on-site power plants 
FY 2012 Performance
  • Electric Usage: Combined campus electric use is 2.2% lower from FY11 to FY12 despite the extreme weather conditions from this past spring
  • Natural Gas Usage: Combined campus natural gas usage has been reduced by 24.3%
  • Steam Usage: Combined campus steam production has been reduced by 21.4% exceeding the total heating degree days percent decrease
  • Water & Storm Usage: Combined water and storm usage remained flat despite a cost increase of approximately 10% per year
  • Overall: energy consumption was 8.2% less than FY11
Last Updated: 3/23/15