Rocket Recycling

Electronics & Metal Recycling

r2 The University of Toledo has contracted AIM Ecycling for recycling our e-waste. AIM is R2 certified, meeting the most stringent regulations for handling e-waste; putting UT at ease knowing that our information is handled and destroyed properly. aim


Computers & Related Equipment

All computers and related equipment is now being recycled through IT. To submit an IT request for a pick up of computer related equipment or contact Rick Gerasimiak via email or by phone at 410.530.3411 for more information.

What Can Be Recycled?
Computers & Laptops
Monitors & Computer Parts
Printers & Scanners
Modems & Routers
Speakers, Keyboards, Mouse
Copiers & Fax Machines
Televisions without picture tubes


All Other Electronics
All other electronics should be recycled through Rocket Recycling. To request a pick up, please contact Brooke Mason via email or by phone at 410.530.1042 for more information.

What Can Be Recycled?
Cameras & Radios
Cell Phones & Telephones
Batteries - Nonalkaline
Power Tools
Small Appliances & Microwave Ovens
Light Manufacturing Equipment
Misc. Hospital Related Electronics
Anything with an electric cord or batteries

Printer Cartridges

The University of Toledo student chapter of Engineers Without Borders collects used printer and toner cartridges as a fundraiser. 
You can send used cartridges through campus mail to MS 307. Or if you would like a collection box for your area or you need cartridges picked up, please contact the UT Chapter of Engineers Without Borders.


Metal Recycling

Contact Rocket Recycling to arrange for a pick up of any metal cabinets or furniture and we will be happy to take care of that for you.

 A partnership between the SEED Initiative & Environmental Services.





Last Updated: 3/23/15