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2012 Tournament Results

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Tournament Week: 8

RecycleMania has Begun.

Week 7 Ranking
Gorilla Division (overall recycling)
| 5th place in the MAC out 85 overall
Paper | 1st place - 70 overall

Corrugated Cardboard | 3rd place - 101 overall
Bottles & Cans | 2nd place - 111 overall
Remember hit the bin and help us win!

 WEEK 8 ResultsRM 2012 - Wk 8


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Final Res Life Wars

1st Place - Ottawa East /West

2nd Place - Carter East/West

3rd Place - Parks Towers

4th Place - The Crossings

5th Place - A House

6th Place - I House

7th Place - MacKinnon

8th Place - The Quad

9th Place - Greek Village

Remember to Hit the Bin and Help Us Win!

Did you know that last year we recycled over 250,000 lbs of recyclable material?


A special thank you to our RecycleMania Tournament partners
AIM and Lott Industries who help make our recycling program happen!


Last Updated: 3/23/15