Transit Services

Charter Service Guidelines

Effective 7/31/18 UT Transit Services will no longer be able to provide charter services.  Any charter request prior to 7/31 will be limited and available on a first come, first serve basis.

University buses are available on a rental basis to provide mass transportation for University employed faculty, staff, students, and University affiliated student organizations. The function for which a bus is rented must be related to a University sponsored organization.


Individuals requiring a University bus for rent should complete a Bus Charter Request Form and Itinerary to be received by the Transit Services Department, PO 1010, no later than 10 business days prior to the scheduled departure time. Buses will be available for rent based on equipment and driver availability.

If necessary, bus rental reservations must be cancelled no later than 8:00am, two business days prior to the scheduled departure date. Monday departures must be cancelled by 8:00am on the prior Friday.

Bus routes, departure/arrival times, and the nature of the trip must be pre-approved by the Transit Services Department. Once your reservation is confirmed, itinerary changes related to locations and routing must be submitted to Transit Services in writing within 3 business days. Concessions will be made for time adjustments resulting from circumstances beyond one’s control (airline delay due to inclement weather, etc.).

The purpose of determining overall trip costs, trips entailing more than eight hours, will be dealt with on a case-by-case basis by the Transit Services Department.  Transit Services does not provide overnight trips at this time.


There shall be ABSOLUTELY NO CONSUMPTION OF ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES OR SMOKING on any University bus. Such actions and other disorderly conduct are grounds for immediate refusal of University transportation services.

All equipment and drivers will be assigned by the Transit Services Department.

Travel distance must be within a 2 hour radius of the university.  If a travel request is made that is beyond the 2 hour radius, Transit Services staff will supply a list of Charter companies available for services.

Bus damage resulting from passenger misuse, abuse, or vandalism will be charged to the sponsoring organization at the actual value of the repair.


Regular Charter Rates are available in the University of Toledo Charter Rate Guide.

A $50.00 cleaning fee may be added at Transit Services discretion and will be borne by the sponsoring organization if it is determined that extraordinary cleaning is required after charter use.

Charters requiring the presence of a police officer are assessed an extra fee determined by the UT Police Department.

The sponsoring organization will be billed for any associated road tolls.

Parking fees shall be paid by the sponsoring organization at the time such expenses are incurred.

Driver’s meals and overnight accommodations shall be paid (when appropriate) by the sponsoring organization in advance, or as such expenses are incurred, compensation will be as per existing The University of Toledo Travel Regulations. The Transit Services Department will determine the criterion, on a case-by-case basis, upon which such expenses will be compensated.

Charges are billed from the time the bus departs from the UT garage until final return.

Last Updated: 5/8/18