Office of Financial Aid

Outside-Administered Funds

All loans administered from outside sources require that you complete an application or a Master Promissory note (MPN) in addition to completing your financial aid file. Processing of your loan request will require approximately four weeks as long as all other required information is on file.

The Student Financial Aid Office certifies loans using a web-based electronic loan processing system for students who borrow a Federal Stafford Loan and most private alternative loans. Students not eligible for a Federal Stafford Loan or who need to borrow funds beyond the Federal Stafford Loan limits may request a private alternative loan up to the Standard Cost of Attendance.  Students desiring a private alternative loan requiring certification from the Financial Aid Office should contact their financial aid counselor at least four weeks in advance of the need of such funds.  Eligibility requirements for private alternative loans vary among lenders and will require credit-worthiness.  

Federal Stafford Student Loan Program (Subsidized)

Federal Stafford Loan (Unsubsidized)

Federal Graduate/Professional PLUS Loans

Private Alternative Loans - Preferred Lender information available by request


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Last Updated: 1/12/17