Office of Financial Aid

Federal Stafford Loan (Unsubsidized)

The terms and conditions of this program are identical to the subsidized Federal Stafford Loan with the following exceptions:
  • Eligibility is not based on financial need. Students who do not demonstrate any financial need for a subsidized Federal Stafford Loan or who demonstrate need for less than the full amount of a subsidized Federal Stafford Loan may borrow up to the annual maximum, $20,500 (effective July 1, 2007) - minus any subsidized Federal Stafford Loan eligibility, up to the Cost of Attendance.  No loan, or combination of loans, may exceed the cost of education less resources. 
  • Interest begins to accrue at the time the funds are disbursed to the student as this loan is not subsidized by the federal government. You may choose to defer paying the accrued interest during periods of In-School Status and Grace.  You may chose to defer capitalization of your accrued interest until you officially enter repayment. 
Last Updated: 1/12/17