Office of Student Financial Aid

Financial Aid Staff

Amy Burns
Associate Director, Systems & Processing

Lynne Downes
Records Management Officer

Stephanie Goller
Manager, Financial Aid SAP

Juan Gonzalez
Debt Management Advisor

Sherri Jiannuzzi
Associate Director, Financial Aid

Robert Jones

Cathy Kuhman
Administrative Secretary

Martita Lawson
Manager, Federal Return of Title IV

Adam Lorenzen
Manager, Donor Scholarships

Kaylynn Neeb
Financial Aid Resource Analyst

Karen Neill
Student Services Counselor

Tabbatha Nieman
Technical Analyst

Jenny Rahe
Data Systems Coordinator

Julie Rippke
Program Accountant

Angela Roach
Senior Associate Director, Financial Aid

Gina Roberts
Senior Director, Financial Aid and RSC

Mary Schneider

Dawn Steinmiller
Scholarship Administrative Assistant

Nancy Swigonski
Data Systems Coordinator

Maura Wolford
Manager, Eligibility Processing

Anne Yeager
Assistant Director, Health Science Campus

Robin Zubke
Assistant Director, Compliance & Processing

Last Updated: 9/19/18