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Faculty & Staff: Graduate Assistant Information

Student Account Issues

Late Payment Fees

  • Graduate Assistants incurring late payment fees due to delays in GAPA processing may have their fees waived IF the student has paid all other fees for which the student would normally be responsible (i.e. legal fee, special service fee, facility fee, general fee, tech fee, etc.) by the designated due date on the treasurer's website. Questions and assistance with calculating these fees may be obtained from Rocket Solutions Central at 419-530-8700.

Late Registration Fees

  • Students are required to register before the beginning of the semester, even if their assistantship has not been processed. The College of Graduate Studies will not waive late registration fees.  Graduate Assistants must be registered by the 15th day of the semester in order for the university to receive state subsidy.

Out of State Awards

Students may be eligible for one of the below Out of State Awards. Both awards could affect other Financial Aid, students may be eligible for.

  • If the student is continuing the award, the financial aid office will roll the award for the next academic year. The student will see the award when viewing their bill on MyUT under the Financial Aid section. Awards are posted to students accounts the first day of classes each semester.
  • New students need to contact the graduate school at to have their eligibility verified before the waiver can be placed in the award system. Once their verification is confirmed and the award is placed on the award system, it could take two weeks or longer before the student sees the waiver on their student account.
  • Students continuing their studies during summer semesters are required to contact the College of Graduate Studies at to have the award posted to the Financial Aid system. If a student doesn't attend either fall or spring semester, after they have previously received the out of the state award, they must follow the same process as summer.

Available Awards (Click here for more details)

  • Michigan Initiative
  • Sister City
Last Updated: 6/26/15