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Faculty & Staff: Graduate Assistant Information

Graduate Assistant Budget and Tracking Procedures


  • Colleges are responsible for monitoring budget allocation expenditures within their departments. The College of Graduate Studies will send periodic budget reports for stipends to designees in the Colleges for reconciliation. Tuition expenditures can be obtained from Web Report Library using this path: Public Folders/Finance/Department/Graduate Waivers Report.
  • The College of Graduate Studies will not be responsible for any expenditure exceeding a College’s allocation.
  • The College of Graduate Studies reconciles budget expenditures with the Treasurer’s office. Discrepancies should be brought to the attention of the Business Manager of College of Graduate Studies as soon as possible for resolution.
  • The College of Graduate Studies will do four budget transfers (if necessary) within the academic year.
      - Fall Processed in October.
      - Spring Processed in April. 
      - Summer Processed end of May.
      - Final year end transfer (adjusted) processed mid to late June.
  • Adjustments are made based on the final amount that should be in an account, taking into account any journal entries not yet made by Payroll/Grants Accounting. Colleges are not to make their own adjustments until all budget transfers are completed and adjustments made within the College of Graduate Studies. This will allow for ease of reconciliation. It is up to the Colleges to follow up with Payroll/Grants Accounting on outstanding journal entries.
    • The College of Graduate Studies will now track internal (departmental) vs. external (grant) tuition funding. The College of Graduate Studies will verify the Duties Position Class/Title, PCN and Detail & Exemption Codes information matches the students GAPA. The chart below indicates the use of the Detail Codes as they relate to funding types: 
      Stipend Type Tuition Code
      Grant Paid with Accounts starting with (2xxxxx) Use Detail & Exemption codes with GFS (Grant Funded Stipend) in the description for external funded stipends.  63202
      All other Accounts Use Detail & Exemption codes without GFS in the description for Base (internal) funded stipends. 63202
      Stand-alone Tuition Scholarships Use Detail & Exemption codes with Tutition Waiver in the description for Tuition Scholarships only.  76102
  • Students paid with multiple sources of funding (partial grant and partial base funding) should have their tuition charged proportionately to the amount of stipend. For example, if a student is being paid equally ½ grant and ½ base stipend, 4.5 hours of tuition should be charged to the (internal) base Detail & Exemption Code, and 4.5 hours will be charged to the grant (external) funded stipend (GFS) code.
  • It is expected that all graduate students will be paid on a consistent basis when using internal base funding. Master’s students should be paid at Master’s level, and PhD students should be paid at PhD levels as well. Colleges should provide expected stipend levels for each semester before GAPAs will be processed. Stipend levels may be reported via email to College of Graduate Studies Business Manager. 

Variations in funding should be fully explained in the “Additional Remarks” section of the GAPA to avoid delays in processing. 


Last Updated: 8/23/17