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New Hire Checklist

Submit the following documents along with ePAF number to College of Graduate Studies (COGS) MS 933.

Paperclip in the following order

  • Offer Letter
  • Acknowledgement of receipt of Auditor of State Fraud Form
  • Background Check Authorization (Authorization to Release Information)
  • A copy of social security card (if not provided in I-9 docs)
  • Authorization to Release form must also accompany the International Background Search
  • All these forms are located here under the Faculty and Staff resources "New hire packet" section

Staple in the following order

  • Personal Information Form (PIF)
  • I-9 (Employment Eligibility Verification) 2 Pages
  • Lists of Acceptable Documents 1 Page
  • Copy of documents used in Section 2 of I-9

 Staple in the following order

  • State of Ohio Withholding - W4 (or appropriate State tax form)
  • Ohio Public Employees Retirement System (OPERS)
    • Request for Optional Exemption As a Student OR
    • Enrollment  -  Personal History Record, plus SSA-1945 Social Security form (Statement Concerning Your Employment in a Job Not Covered by Social Security)
  • Direct Deposit and federal withholding forms can be found under the employee tab on MyUT.

Please Note: If any of the above mentioned is not attached, the ePAF will NOT be processed and WILL be returned to the submitting College.


Starting Fall 2013, all Rehire ePAFs must have an Offer Letter attached.

Please submit paperwork based on the following situations:

  1. Graduate Assistants who were not registered for classes or worked on campus for one semester (normally this happens during summer semester), submit original ePAF.
  2. Send COGS offer letter with ePAF number.
  3. If student did not register for classes, but did work on campus, attach Request for Optional Exemption As a Student form to ePAF, if student no longer wishes to pay into OPERS.
Last Updated: 8/24/18