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Health Science Campus Graduate Student Handbook 2012-2013


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The Student Accounts Office on the Health Science Campus of the University of Toledo shall be responsible for the collection of all HSC program student fees and charges.

All fees and charges are payable in advance of the semester for which the student is enrolled. Each student is responsible for payment of fees on a semester basis in accord with the academic calendar.

All fees shall be payable in full at the time of registration. A student cannot be considered enrolled unless the fees are paid. No credit will be given for any semester in which the tuition has not been paid. Failure to pay fees on time may result in a denial of registration.

The instructional and ancillary fees are to be paid on a semester basis at the beginning of each semester. Final dates for registration and payment of fees are published each semester. The last day for payment of fees is the last day of registration, which also is the first day of the semester.

In the event of individual financial difficulty that may preclude such payment, the concerned student should make appropriate arrangements through the Student Financial Aid office on the Health Science Campus so financial assistance may be obtained before the last day payment is due. The Student Accounts office on the Health Science Campus shall be notified of the arrangements.

Students must be registered at the University of Toledo in the semester in which they are actively working on a degree or certificate, during the semester in which they defend their thesis or dissertation, or present their scholarly project and the term in which they intend to graduate.

Any student auditing an educational offering at the University of Toledo Health Science Campus shall be required to be registered for the class they intend to audit. Any student taking a course not for credit shall pay the same fee assessed for courses taken for credit.  Graduate tuition waivers do not apply to undergraduate classes or audited classes.

Instructional Fees    (top of page)

All instructional and ancillary fee schedules may be found at:

Tuition and General Fees for students in the Bowling Green State University/University of Toledo Consortium MPH program will be the average tuition (Ohio resident and non-resident) of the institutions. Course fees and lab fees will be set by the individual institutions. MPH students will have access to student services at each institution.

Information regarding various payment options for students may be found at: 

Reservation Deposit:  DPT, OTD, MSBS/PA and Clinical Nurse Leader  (top of page)

Due to the limited number of positions available and in order for the University of Toledo to adequately plan for the Doctor of Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Physician Assistant Studies and Clinical Nurse Leader - Graduate Entry programs, each DPT, OTD, PA and Clinical Nurse Leader applicant will submit a $300 reservation deposit along with their letter of intent to attend UT. The reservation deposit may be refundable up to the designated deadline established by each program.  Please check with each program for specific refund dates.  Students entering the program will have their reservation deposit applied to their student account.

Liability Insurance Fee     (top of page)

All students (including MPH, certificate and special status students) must be covered with liability insurance through the University of Toledo. The fee is assessed per semester and may be found at:

Auditing Fee     (top of page)

Any student auditing a course at the University of Toledo Health Science Campus shall be required to register for the course before attending class through the online registration system. Any student taking a course not for credit shall pay the same tuition and fees assessed for courses taken for credit.  Tuition waivers will not apply to audited courses.

Courses may be audited by co-op students but there will be no fee waivers/tuition scholarships honored for courses that are audited.

Immunization, Titer, and/or Tuberculosis Testing Fee     (top of page)

All students who will have patient contact must demonstrate immunity against mumps, measles, rubella (MMR), Hepatitis B, and must be tested annually for TB. Unless a student provides evidence of such immunization or immunity, s/he must be immunized by The University Health Services before the semester in which the student has patient contact. Cost of the immunization will be added to the student fee statement at matriculation.

University Medical Center Lab Tests:  University Health Services will require payment for hepatitis B vaccine for the three doses required, hepatitis A vaccine, the MMR, and varicella. Fees for these vaccines are available from University Health Services. 

Student Laboratory Titer Fee:  All Physician Assistant Studies students and College of Nursing students (including certificate programs) will be assessed a fee during their first semester of enrollment as payment for the laboratory titers that are required for proof of immunity.  A complete list of fees may be viewed at:

Student Health Records:  College of Nursing students (including certificate programs), and Physician Assistant Studies students will be charged a fee each fall and spring semester to maintain required student health records.  Please consult the Treasurer's office for a list of fees at:

Health Insurance Coverage:  Information regarding the current student health insurance coverage may be found at   

Return of Title IV Funds     (top of page)

In accordance with the 1998 Re-authorization of the Higher Education Act, the University of Toledo will use the following policy to calculate refunds for students who withdraw or take a leave of absence* before the end of an academic semester. Examples of refund calculations are available from the Student Financial Aid Office on the Health Science Campus.

*If an approved leave of absence is for fewer than 180 days in any 12-month period, a student is not considered to have withdrawn as long as the student has requested and been granted a leave of absence under the institution’s formal leave policy.

Fees not subject to a federal refund include: health insurance, disability insurance, and liability insurance.     (top of page)

Information regarding the calculation of such refunds may be found in the Finance Brochure in the Treasurer's Office. 

Financial Obligations     (top of page)

Students must take care of all financial obligations to the University of Toledo in order to qualify for continued enrollment.

Specifically, this means that each semester students must pay all money due to the University. This includes instructional and ancillary fees, traffic fines, library fines (or unreturned books), and other types of financial obligation.

Delinquent Accounts     (top of page)

A student with a reported delinquent account may expect the following:

  1. Statement of grades will be withheld.
  2. Registration for a succeeding semester(s) will not be permitted.
  3. A transcript will not be issued.
  4. The student will not be permitted to graduate and the diploma will be withheld.

Amounts due may be withheld from refunds, paychecks, grants, awards, or other payments due from the University.

Future Changes in Policy:  The Board of Trustees reserves the right to make any changes or adjustments in instructional and ancillary fees when such changes are deemed necessary.



Description of Student Health Insurance Plan

Health Requirements


All graduate students entering UT HSC must demonstrate the required minimal immunization requirements in order to attend classes. Minimum immunizations and health screening include:

  1. Tetanus-diphtheria (TD) booster, adult booster, within the past 10 years or the tetanus, diphtheria, attenuated pertusis (TDaP) vaccine.
  2. Two MMR (measles-mumps-rubella) immunizations IF the student was born after 1/1/57.  Any student who has had measles, mumps, or rubella during his/her lifetime requires no further immunization.  This immunity may be documented through a blood test that determines a “titer of immunity” which must demonstrate a “positive” result.  If the titer is “negative” the student must receive the appropriate vaccine.
  3. One Mantoux-type intradermal TB screening with PPD (purified protein derivative) done in the USA within 12 months prior to matriculation. If you are an international student or an American living outside of the USA, you must have the PPD skin test done by University Health Service when you arrive on campus. The test must be read by University Health Services before you will be allowed to attend class. 

 If TB Screening Results Are Positive:

  • Students who have a positive PPD at the UHS or elsewhere must meet with a UHS health provider to answer questions, discuss treatment options and risks, have required lab work done, and complete an “Annual BCG/Positive PPD Follow-up Check List” on signs and symptoms of TB. If the student is in agreement, the recommended therapy is initiated.
  • Students who have a positive PPD at UHS or elsewhere also must have a chest x-ray at University Medical Center or the Lucas County Health Department before they can attend classes.
  • Students with a positive x-ray must consult with a health provider regarding treatment. If treatment is recommended the student must initiate treatment before attending classes.

All graduate students who will have contact with patients, human tissue research or involved with primate research also are required to complete:

  1. Hepatitis B vaccination (series of 3). 
  2. Lab testing for Hepatitis B surface antibody (HBsAB) 1-2 months after the Hepatitis B vaccination series is completed.

The Hepatitis B series can be completed at The University of Toledo University  Health Services at cost. Students working as “employees” may receive the series at no charge at University Health Services.

NOTE:  Students may have additional health requirements depending on their specific area of study i.e., allied health professions, nursing and MD/Ph.D. students.   

Immunizations and Lab Tests to Provide Protection from Disease (Titers)

University Health Services is able to complete student the Hepatitis B series.  The Hepatitis B surface antibody test can be performed at the University Health Services during the student’s initial semester.  Students will incur charges for pre-matriculation health requirements provided by the University Health.

Documentation Requirements

ONLY the following will be accepted to verify immunization and screening:

  1. A letter on official letterhead from physician or health department containing original signature, the date of verification statement, and the date(s) the immunization(s) was administered.
  2. The official childhood immunization record. If the immunization record is not in English, a notarized translation in English MUST accompany the copy of the original record.
  3. Completed College of Graduate Studies Health Science Campus health form with physician signature and legible address stamp.

Fees for Pre-matriculation Services     (top of page)

There is a fee for pre-matriculation health requirements. The following pre-matriculation services will be offered to students and must be paid for at the time the services are provided. No proof of completion of health requirements will be provided to the student or their program until payment is made for the services rendered.

Services Available:

  • Physical exam (by appointment only)
  • PPD screening
  • Hepatitis B vaccine
  • MMR vaccine (Measles, mumps, rubella)
  • Tetanus-diphtheria (TD) booster
  • Varicella (chickenpox) vaccine
  • Lab tests for antibody titers (if required)

Lab Tests

In addition, certain lab tests (titers of antigens and/or antibodies) requested by students’ educational program will be billed to the student or their insurance company by University Medical Center.  The student will be responsible for any and all bills associated with pre-matriculation health requirements for their program.

For more information about University Health Services, please visit: 

 (top of page)

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