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Phone: 419.530.GRAD (4723)

Health Science Campus College of Graduate Studies Handbook 2012-2013


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College of Graduate Studies Health Science Campus Staff
Title/Duties Name Ext
Vice Chancellor and Associate Dean for Graduate Health Science Studies Dr. Dorothea Sawicki 4112
Manager of Administrative Services:
Academic Progress
Student Tracking
Budget & Stipends
Michelle Arbogast 4113

Admissions Analyst II
College of Medicine & Life Sciences:
(PhD, MD/PhD):
Biomedical Sciences
Biomedical Sciences
Oral Biology
Medical Physics
Medical Sciences
Orthopedic Sciences
Judith Herb College of Education, Health Science & Human Service:
Doctor of Physical Therapy
College of Pharmacy & Pharmaceutical Sciences
All programs except PharmD

Cody Phillips 4116
Admissions Analyst II
Judith Herb College of Education, Health Science & Human Service:
Occupational Therapy Doctorate
College of Medicine & Life Sciences: 
Physician Assistant Studies
Master of Public Health
MS in Occupational Health
Human Donation Science
All Certificate Programs
College of Nursing:
DNP, MSN and Nursing Certificate Programs
Joan Mulligan 4186

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College of Graduate Studies
Health Science Campus Administration
Chancellor and Executive Vice President 
for Biosciences and Health Affairs,
Dean of the College of Medicine & Life Sciences
Dr. Jeffrey Gold
Vice Chancellor and Associate Dean
for Student Affairs, Health Science Campus
Dr. Patricia Metting
Vice Provost of Graduate Affairs and Dean,
College of Graduate Studies
Dr. Patricia Komuniecki
Vice Chancellor and Associate Dean
for Graduate Health Science Studies
Dr. Dorothea Sawicki
Associate Dean for Academic Affairs,
College of Graduate Studies
Dr. Susan Pocotte
Dean, Judith Herb College of Education,
Health Science and Human Service     
Dr. Beverly Schmoll
Dean, College of Nursing Dr. Timothy Gaspar
Dean, College of Pharmacy
and Pharmaceutical Sciences
Dr. Johnnie Early
Health Science Campus Registrar Thomas Short

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The Graduate Student Association (GSA) is an organization that strives to serve as the voice for the concerns of graduate students, representing all graduate students at the University of Toledo (UT). The GSA represents the diverse graduate student community as a whole and meets weekly with the Graduate Council, a body of Deans & UT Graduate Faculty. The GSA organizes social events on and off campus to help graduate students develop social and professional contacts across all of the University’s colleges. The goal is to maintain UT as a quality institution for graduate education, across all fields of study involved in the improvement of the human condition.  For more information, please visit the Graduate Student Association website.


Graduate Student Association
Representatives for 2012-2013 are:

President  Joshua Waldman 
Vice President   Monica McKnight 
Secretary   Cory Goe (MC)
Aaron Shaw (HSC)
Treasurer Paul Roland



The Health Science Campus office of the College of Graduate Studies communicates with students using various methods; however, the student's UTAD (University issued email address) is the official and most frequently used form of communication.  Students are advised to check their University email often as official notices will be sent via email.  Information regarding UTAD email accounts and other technology resources can be found on the MyUTaccount website.

MyUT Web Portal      (top of page)

The myUT portal is a secure web environment that provides a single access point for all of the information you need to make your UT experience complete. Through this one secure entrance you will find information on academics, services, events and so much more! The information in the portal is organized by pages, referred to as tabs, which are easily navigated. Each tab in the portal has various areas of information, known as channels, which allow you quick access to the information important to you.   You will find a Graduate Student Tab with information only for Graduate Students.  Also, you will find the Student Self Service Tab in which you can check your grades, change your address, view class information and many other features.  Click here for more information about the MyUT web portal.

College of Graduate Studies Website

The College of Graduate Studies home page address is All information vital to the College can be found on this page or at the addresses linked to this page. 


The University of Toledo has other methods of communication for students including the UT Calendar, UT News and other email and portal driven channels.


At the University of Toledo the safety and well-being of all students is our primary concern. The University of Toledo’s Police Department is located in Room 007 on the Ground Floor of the Mulford Library Building.  The UT PD provides around-the-clock patrol protection. In addition, the UT Campus Police Department officers are certified peace officers in the state of Ohio and have received 524 hours of training. They are fully trained in first aid, traffic and criminal investigation and evidence gathering, and are vested with powers of arrest. 

Emergency Preparedness and Timely Warning Web site:    

The University of Toledo has in place an emergency mass-communication system called RED ALERT to reach as quickly as possible all members of the UT community to provide information and instructions.  To receive RED ALERT messages, students, faculty and staff must register their e-mail and cell phone numbers via the RED ALERT channel on the Home tab of the UT Portal ( ). Registrants are strongly encouraged to register to receive instantaneous text messages; however, if you do not have text availability, you can choose to receive a voice message. Due to the logistical requirements of disbursing many voice messages; voicemails may be significantly delayed.  More informaiton regarding the RED ALERT system can be found at

Crime Reporting:      
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Potential criminal activity and other emergencies on the Health Science Campus should be reported directly to the UT Police Department dispatcher. If you wish to report a crime or incident anonymously, please click the link above for an online reporting form. Please provide as much information as possible in order to assist University Police in addressing your concerns.

NOTE: If you would like to report a suspicious person or circumstance that requires an immediate police/emergency response, please contact the UT Police dispatcher at 419.530.2600. If you are presently off-campus, dial 9-1-1.

I.D. Badges               (top of page)

All students of the University of Toledo Health Science Campus must obtain UT identification badges. These I.D. badges can be obtained at the Health Science Campus at the Mulford Library, Room 018 or at the Parking Services Office on the Main Campus at Rocket Hall. Students are reminded that when on campus, I.D. badges must be in their possession and worn at waist level or above.

Card Access

UT Health Science Campus  has implemented card access throughout the campus. This system works in conjunction with the I.D. badge and, if you are so designated, will allow access to certain areas.  Please check with your department regarding access areas and authorization procedures.     

Alcohol and Drugs      (top of page)

The consumption of alcoholic beverages is PROHIBITED except at UT-sponsored and sanctioned events. The consumption of alcoholic beverages at these events is restricted to the immediate area of the event and adjacent grounds. If students are found consuming alcoholic beverages elsewhere, the beverages are confiscated at the scene and disposed of by UT Police personnel in an appropriate manner. Possible criminal charges could be brought forth under the applicable city or state statutes.

The possession, distribution and/or consumption of illegal drugs is prohibited on the UT campus. Persons on campus who are discovered to be in possession of illegal drugs can be charged criminally under the applicable state or federal statutes, and also may be charged administratively under the rules of UT. Illegal drugs discovered on campus are to be turned over to the Toledo Police Department Crime Lab to be disposed of/destroyed in accordance with its policies. In addition, UT complies with all provisions of the Drug-Free Workplace Act of 1988 and Drug-Free Schools and Campuses Act of 1989. Copies of these publications are available from the Department of Human Resources.

Personal Safety/Sexual Assault Prevention

Procedures have been established to prevent the occurrence of personal and sexual assault. It is important that students are aware of information regarding sexual assault and steps UT is taking to minimize the chance that it will occur on the campus or grounds.

Should you ever become the victim of a sexual assault on the property of UT, take the following steps immediately:

  • Call the UT Health Science Campus Police Department at emergency extension 77 or extension 3770 to report the assault.
  • DO NOT wash, bathe or remove any article of clothing that was worn during the assault.
  • Ask a UT Health Science Campus Police officer to notify your family or a friend of the assault.
  • Go to the Emergency Department for treatment.

UT Police officers are trained to watch campus grounds and surrounding areas for potential security hazards such as inadequate lighting due to burned-out bulbs, high shrubs that can conceal an intruder or robber and other deficiencies that pose a threat to students. Department personnel are assisted in this endeavor by Facilities Maintenance, Grounds, and Liability Control personnel. All persons are encouraged to report any problems they feel pose a danger to their personal safety and well-being.

Parking Permits

All student/faculty/staff vehicles parked on campus must have the license plate, make and model registered through the MyUT Portal. Parking regulations are enforced 24 hours a day. Complete Parking information can be found at the Parking Services Office.   If you receive a ticket, you have the right to appeal to Parking Enforcement.  Parking Enforcement email:; telephone 419.530.4100; website: 

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Last Updated: 6/26/15