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Health Science Campus Graduate Student Handbook 2014-2015



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Fulfillment of Degree Requirements for Graduation    (top of page)

The completion of degree requirements including all administrative requirements and all academic requirements is ultimately the responsibility of the student. 

Time Limitations    (top of page)

All degree requirements should be completed within 6 years for Master's degree programs, within 7 years for the PhD degree programs, and 10 years for the M.D./PhD program. Certificate programs must be completed within 4 years.

Request for Extension of Time

An extension of the time limit for the degree may be requested by a student by written petition to the College of Graduate Studies.  Although exceptions may be warranted, students who exceed the norm shall be required to justify in writing their request for an extension.  A one-year extension may be requested using the Continuation of Matriculation form.  Further requests for extension may be requested using the Request for Time Extension and Course Re-certification form.  All extensions must be recommended by the departmental faculty through internal departmental and college processes, with final review and approval by the College of Graduate Studies.

Commencement/Graduation    (top of page)

The University of Toledo has three official graduations, Spring (May/June), Summer (August) and Fall (December).  However, commencement ceremonies are held only during the spring and fall.  Spring includes two separate ceremonies by campus.  One ceremony is held in May on the Main Campus for all Graduate Students except those in the College of Medicine.  The College of Medicine commencement ceremony is held in May with the medical students on the Health Science Campus.  Fall only includes one ceremony in December on the Main Campus for ALL Graduate Students regardless of campus or college.  Those students anticipating the August graduation will have the opportunity to participate in either the fall (December) or spring (May) commencement ceremony.  Students graduating in summer but participating in the spring ceremony must apply for graduation by the fifth week of the previous spring semester to ensure their name appears in the commencement book. 

Students expecting to graduate need to file a formal “Application for Graduation” with the College of Graduate Studies by the posted deadline for the term.  Deadlines and the Application for Graduation Form are posted on the College of Graduate Studies website.  Information regarding the ceremonies will be posted to the University Registrar website at and mailed to you during the semester.  Students who fail to graduate in the semester for which they have applied must submit a new application and be registered for a minimum of one graduate credit hour in the semester in which they graduate.  Completion of an "IN" grade from a previous semester does not constitute registration.

Please note that attendance at the ceremony does not mean that you have graduated, but simply that you have participated in the ceremony, with actual graduation contingent upon completion of all degree requirements.  Degrees are posted to the transcript record within thirty days of the commencement date (but may take longer in some instances) providing all requirements have been met by the required deadlines and the College of Graduate Studies has academically cleared the student.  Graduate students completing all degree requirements will receive their diplomas approximately six to eight weeks after the ceremony.  The diploma will be mailed to students using the graduation address as given on the Application for Graduation.  It is imperative that all deadlines are met, as graduation deadlines cannot be extended.

CONTACT YOUR CAMPUS BOOK STORE TO PLACE YOUR ORDER FOR CAP AND GOWN.  Check with the Registrar’s Office for exact deadlines.  Information regarding other graduation merchandise can be found at the Bookstore.

Academic and Financial Deficiencies

All matters concerning incompletes (IN's), in progress grades (PR’s), missing grades, prior degrees, plans of study (majors), dissertations/thesis/scholarly project work, proper admissions to the College of Graduate Studies, and any other requirements needed to complete the degree program must be completed and processed through the College of Graduate Studies and/or the Registrar’s Office. Students will be notified by e-mail (to their UTAD account only) of any deficiencies after applying for graduation. Please contact the College of Graduate Studies for specific deadlines.

Computer Accounts

Information Technology will purge any student computer accounts and/or data from university systems after you graduate or leave the University.  Please make sure to copy all data from your H:\drive by your last official day as a student.  For email, you will receive an email notification from Information Technology at least two weeks prior to deleting your email mailbox with instructions on how to redirect future emails currently sent to your address.

Email Accounts

For email, student accounts (i.e. stay active as long as the account is utilized.  Home directory and and campus distribution lists are removed, but students are welcome to continue to use their rockets account.  If the password expires for more than six months, the account is deleted.

Directory Release of Information 

If your student records have been coded as “No Release” for directory information,  your name will NOT be published in any area newspapers for graduation. If you wish to verify or change your directory release information, you must contact Graduation Processing in Student Records at 419.530.4829 no later than one month before graduation.  Release of information to area media cannot be guaranteed after the one month before graduation date.

Degree Completion Requirements 

Certain requirements must be satisfied if you are to graduate on schedule. In order to serve the many students applying for graduation each semester, the College of Graduate Studies must strictly enforce all necessary deadlines. It is the student's responsibility to ensure that all the requirements are met. Check with your advisor to ensure that all department and college degree requirements have been met.  If you have any questions about the requirements detailed below, please contact the College of Graduate Studies.  Most forms are available at:


Requirement Doctoral
Complete the Application for Graduation prior to the filing deadline for the semester in which you plan to graduate, whether a formal ceremony is held or not.  This application should be submitted to the College of Graduate Studies.




Hold regular admission status in the College of Graduate Studies in the department and college for which you are applying for your degree.




Register for a minimum of one graduate credit hour in the semester you apply to graduate.  Please note:  Completion of an Incomplete (IN) or an in Progress (PR) grade will not fulfill the registration requirement.  If your graduation is postponed for any reason, it will be necessary to register for a minimum of one graduate credit hour during the semester you re-apply for graduation.




Your official undergraduate transcripts must be on file in the College of Graduate Studies.  Masters transcripts must be on file if appropriate.  If the degree was earned at The University of Toledo, all items will be on file.  International students must also have provided their original diploma during or soon after admission to the program.  Transcripts and diplomas must be provided in both English and the native language.




Your approved Plan of Study must be on file with the College of Graduate Studies.  Courses on your Plan of Study must appear on your transcript.  Any changes to your approved Plan of Study must be filed with the College of Graduate Studies either by completion of a Course Substitution Form or a revised Plan of Study.  All coursework must fall within the 7-year time limitation for doctoral and 6 years for Master's completion.  Any coursework that exceeds this time limit will require re-validation.   




Have written proof of passing the Qualifying Exam, Report of Examination, Comprehensive Exam, Application for Candidacy (doctoral students in College of Pharmacy only) or Field Work if these are part of the requirements for your degree as noted on your Plan of Study. 




All grades must be posted, NR (not reported) grades will not be permitted.  Incomplete and In Progress grades must be removed from your transcript.  Removal may mean conversion to a grade of "F".



Attain a cumulative graduate grade point average of  3.0 or above.



Payment of all outstanding fines and fees.  If there are any outstanding fees, a hold will be placed on your account and your diploma and transcript cannot be mailed.



Thesis/Dissertation must be approved by your committee.  Composition of the committee must meet all University guidelines.  As your college may have a separate deadline, earlier than the Graduate College deadline, please check with your department to ensure all posted deadlines are met.  Please be sure to use the Handbook for the Preparation of Graduate Dissertations and Theses available on the College of Graduate Studies website.  The approved copy of your thesis or dissertation must be uploaded to OhioLINK and ProQuest UMI by the posted deadlines.




Required forms must be completed and on file in the College of Graduate Studies: 

Graduate Research ADvisory (GRAD) Committee Approval & Assurances (if required)
Acceptance of Thesis/Dissertation/Scholarly Project Form (Must be submitted by the posted deadline.)
Intellectual Protection & Patent Sign-Off Form (If completing a thesis/dissertation only)
Approval of Thesis/Dissertation/Scholarly Project Form as applicable
Application for Candidacy (Pharmacy); Qualifying Exam (College of Medicine)
Report of Exam (if completing a thesis/dissertation)
Survey of Earned Doctorates (doctoral candidates only)
Student Exit Survey




Academic Standards    (top of page)

As of the first day of summer 2011, the following Academic Standards Policy supersedes and replaces all prior policies and applies to all new and current Graduate Students:

A minimum cumulative GPA of 3.0 (four point grading system) in graduate coursework is required for graduation. Graduate students whose cumulative GPA falls below 3.0 during any semester will be placed on academic probation.  Depending on the program, a full‐time student on academic probation will have one or at most two semesters (excluding summers) to meet the cumulative GPA standard.  A student failing to meet the standard will be subject to dismissal.  A part‐time student on academic probation will be required to meet the GPA standard after 12 additional credit hours of graduate coursework. A grade of C is the minimum passing grade for graduate courses. Therefore, any graduate course in which a grade below “C” or grade of “U” was earned will not be permitted on the Plan of Study.  Grades of below “C” will continue to be counted in calculating the cumulative grade point average.  Individual programs may offer a specific number of credit hours with earned grades of C or below to be repeated one time.  Colleges are permitted to establish individual program course retake standards. However, such standards shall not exceed two courses up to a maximum of 12 credit hours. Both the original and repeated grades will appear on the transcript and be calculated into the cumulative GPA.  Colleges/departments/degree programs may enact additional coursework grade requirements beyond the minimum standard established here by the Graduate Faculty.  Graduate students shall be responsible to consult with the appropriate graduate degree program director for the applicable standards.

 Grades of A, A‐, B+, B, B‐, C+, C, C‐, D+, D, D‐, F, S, U, WP, or WF may be awarded depending on College/program/departmental policies.  A limited number of graduate courses earn grades of S (Satisfactory) or U (Unsatisfactory) upon completion.  A grade of S will be allowed for credit toward graduation but is not computed in the grade point average.  A grade of U earns no credit and is not computed in the grade point average.  The course must be repeated to earn graduate credit.  The grade of PR may be awarded to indicate work in progress and courses with this grade will not be included in the GPA calculation.  The grade of IN is assigned only under extraordinary circumstances when unexpected events prevent a student from completing the requirements of the course within the term of enrollment.  The student must complete the required work before the end of the following semester (excluding summers) in which the IN grade was received; otherwise the grade will be converted to the grade of F by the Office of the Registrar.  The student may initiate a request for an additional semester to complete the work for the grade (excluding summers).  The extension is granted upon the approval of the faculty member and the associate dean of the college offering the course.  Once the IN grade has been converted to F, the student must re‐register and take the course again.  The grade of IN will not be included in the GPA calculation.  It is recommended that faculty set specific benchmarks for completion of the course or material each term, and regularly assign S, U or IN grades as appropriate instead of awarding a PR.  Students may not graduate with a grade of U, IN, or PR on their Plan of Study. Students may not graduate with a grade of IN or PR on their transcript.  A grade of WP (withdrawal passing) or WF (withdrawal failing), according to the status of the student at the time of withdrawal, will be assigned to students who withdraw after the university established withdrawal period at the discretion of the instructor. The grade of WP will not be included in the GPA calculation.

A grade of WF indicates that a student’s work is unsatisfactory (grade of less than C), and will be included in the GPA calculation as a grade of F. Students may repeat courses with grades WF or U subject to the maximum credit hour repeat limitation.

For the following programs, a maximum number of credits of C will be allowed on a candidate’s Plan of Study as listed below:

 10 credits  PhD degree (biomedical sciences)
   8 credits  MSBS research track and MSN degree
 11 credits  PA Program
 12 credits  DPT, MSBS clinical track programs, MS Medical Sciences (as of fall 2009) 
                          and OTD (unless stated otherwise)
   6 credits  MSOH, MPH degrees
   3 credits Certificate programs

Academic Fresh Start    (top of page)

A student who meets all of the criteria described below may petition the Vice Provost for Graduate
Affairs and Dean of the Graduate College to remove from his/her graduate cumulative grade point average all those grades earned under the student’s prior enrollment at The University of Toledo.

The petition must first be approved through the appropriate academic college channels prior to submission to the Graduate College.

  • Degree seeking graduate student.
  • Had previous enrollment at The University of Toledo.
  • Not enrolled at The University of Toledo for at least two years prior to current enrollment.
  • Under exceptional circumstances a student may apply to the College of Graduate Studies for a waiver of the two‐year rule.
  • Maintain a current graduate grade point average of 3.00 or better for the first semester of re‐enrollment if full‐time or the first 12 credits of re‐enrollment if part‐time (not to exceed three semesters)

If the student’s petition is granted, the following will apply:

  • This policy only applies to the student’s graduate grade point average. There is no impact on a student’s earned hours.
  • All University of Toledo grades will remain on the student’s official, permanent academic record (transcript); this process will affect the cumulative graduate grade point average only. It will not remove evidence/documentation of the student’s overall academic history at the university.
  • No grades/credits from the student’s prior graduate enrollment at the university may be counted toward the subsequent degree program requirements. Degree requirements may only be met by courses included in the calculation of the student’s cumulative graduate grade point average at The University of Toledo. Thus, the student who successfully petitions for cumulative graduate grade point average recalculation under this policy automatically forfeits the right to use any of the excluded course work toward the current degree requirements.
  • Credit earned from other institutions during the two‐year period will not be accepted for transfer credit.

A student may exercise this graduate academic fresh start option only once, regardless of the number of times the student enters/attends a graduate degree program at The University of Toledo.

The Academic Fresh Start option applies only to students re-enrolling in the summer 2011 term or beyond. Students re-enrolling prior to summer 2011 are not eligible.

Academic Probation    (top of page)

Full-time students whose cumulative GPA fall below 3.0 during any semester will be placed on academic probation. Should the full-time student remain on academic probation for two additional semesters or as determined by the student's individual program, the student will be subject to dismissal. 

Part-time students whose cumulative GPA fall below 3.0 will be placed on academic probation.  If the student remains on academic probation until the end of the semester in which another 16 credits  have been completed, the student will be subject to dismissal.

Students admitted provisionally with less than a 3.0 GPA in undergraduate work must reach a 3.0 GPA by the completion of 15 graduate credits or the end of the first semester; otherwise, the student will be subject to dismissal. Students admitted provisionally to Certificate programs must reach a 3.0 GPA by the time they have completed one-half of the required graduate credits.

Graduate Research ADvisory (GRAD) Committee Approval & Assurances Form    (top of page)

All HSC students must complete the GRAD Form, including the section naming a Major Advisor and Committee Members before the end of their first year of study. This form may be obtained from the College of Graduate Studies website. If a student cannot identify a major advisor within the first year of study, the student is subject to dismissal.

Academic Advisory Committee    (top of page)

The Committee Member Section of the Grad Form establishes the faculty who will act as mentors to the graduate student. The Advisory Committee must include only faculty with the appropriate level of graduate faculty status.  Please check with your prospective faculty member or department regarding graduate faculty status.

Plan of Study    (top of page)

The Plan of Study is a defined agreement of course and research requirements to be completed for the degree between graduate students, their respective programs, and the institution. The student must complete all the courses on the Plan of Study to graduate. In the UT/BGSU Consortium (MPH Program), students may make arrangements with BGSU for courses in designing the Plan of Study (refer to BGSU/UT Cooperative Registration).

Plan of Study forms (generic by degree type) are available online at the College of Graduate Studies website:

Completion of the Plan of Study with the signatures of the student, major advisor, and all members of the advisory committee must be submitted in satisfactory form no later than the following:


Plan of Study Submission Table
PhD in Biomedical Sciences Degree

Full-time students - the end of fall semester of year 2
Part-time students will develop a schedule with their major advisor and committee members

MSBS/Research Tracks Degree Full-time students - before 15 credits have been completed
Part-time students will develop a schedule with their major advisor and committee members
MSN Degree The second semester of enrollment
MSOH and MPH Degrees By the time 30 credits have been completed
All other programs Unless specifically listed, the Plan of Study is due within the first academic year of beginning the program.

The Plan of Study must meet all the statutory regulations of the College of Graduate Studies, and must be approved by the responsible degree program committee and the Associate Dean of the College of Graduate Studies. Revisions in the Plan of Study must be approved by the major advisor and the Associate Dean of the College of Graduate Studies and submitted on the Plan of Study Course Modification Form or submitting a new Plan of Study Form.

Last Updated: 6/26/15