College of Health Sciences

Undergraduate Academic Affairs Committee

A) Membership: The Undergraduate Academic Affairs Committee (UAC) will consist of the following membership: one elected representative from each department that provides undergraduate classes (except Military Science); two non-voting ex officio undergraduate students, nominated by College Council Members and confirmed by a simple majority vote of College Council; and, a non-voting ex officio member representing the Graduate Academic Affairs Committee to reflect any articulation between undergraduate and graduate programs that supports the well-being of either level of education. The Dean or a designee that holds an academic administrative position will be a non-voting, ex officio member of this committee.

    1. Each Department Chairperson is responsible for organizing the elections for the selection of a departmental representative to this committee.
    2. The name of the department representative that will serve for the next academic year should be forwarded to the College Council Chairperson by April 15.
    3. Faculty members shall serve a term of two years with half the members rotating off the Committee each year.
    4. Faculty members shall serve no more than two consecutive terms.
    5. Student members will serve for a one-year term.

B)    The Undergraduate Academic Affairs Committee shall have the following responsibilities:

    1. Elect a chairperson and determine procedures for committee operations;
    2. Make recommendations regarding College-wide standards for admission to and completion of programs;
    3. Develop recommendations for and review College-wide student admission, retention, and appeal procedures and practices. These procedures and practices will be developed in consultation with the faculty;
    4. Review all proposals for courses and other matters related to undergraduate programs of the College and generally oversee all undergraduate curriculum matters in the College;
    5. Evaluate the functions of the Undergraduate Academic Affairs Committee and recommend revisions when appropriate
    6. Facilitate the Honors Subcommittee
Undergraduate Academic Affairs Committee Members
Criminal Justice and Social Work (2012-2014) Celia Williamson
Curriculum and Instruction (2011-2013) Susanna Hapgood
Early Childhood, Physical and Special Education (2011-2013) Ed Cancio
Educational Foundations and Leadership (2012-2014) Deb Gentry
Health and Recreation Professions (2012-2014) Jiunn-Jye Sheu
Kinesiology (2011-2013) Thomas McLoughlin
Rehabilitation Sciences (2012-2014) Caroline Menezes
School Psychology, Legal Specialties and Counselor Education (2011-2013) Carol Linker
Dean’s designee (non-voting) Virginia Keil
Undergraduate Student member (selected by Council) TBD
Undergraduate Student member (selected by Council) TBD
Last Updated: 6/9/16