College of Health Sciences

Academic Programs in Biomechanics

Master's Program

Students entering the department's Master of Science in Exercise Science program may choose to specialize in biomechanics. The curriculum for those in the biomechanics tract includes courses in biomechanics, biomechanical instrumentation, kinesiological EMG, statistics, at least one other area of exercise science, and one or more specialization areas within biomechanics. Additionally, all MSES students complete a thesis. Typically, students entering this program have a background in exercise science, athletic training, physical or occupational therapy, or engineering. Upon completion of the program, most students begin doctoral level work in biomechanics or a related area, or they continue working in their current profession.




Doctoral Program

Students entering the Department of Kinesiology's Doctor of Philosophy program may choose to specialize in biomechanics. These students complete a curriculum that consists of courses and research in biomechanics, statistics and research design, at least two other areas within exercise science, and at least one related area outside of exercise science (the doctoral cognate area - often either anatomy or statistics). Once the student has completed all the coursework, s/he is required to complete both written and oral comprehensive examinations. Additionally, all students must complete a dissertation. Typically, students entering this program have completed a masters degree in biomechanics or a related area. Upon graduation, most students pursue careers in higher education teaching and research or in a clinical field in which they have the appropriate certification.  Candidates for admission to the doctoral program must have an appropriate degree and a strong academic record. Additionally, all doctoral applicants are required to complete the Graduate Record Examination. Those whose previous academic work is determined to be deficient may be required to complete remedial coursework, in addition to the regular requirements of the particular program

Last Updated: 6/9/16