College of Health Sciences

Faculty and Staff

Department Phone: 419-530- 2741

Any Other Faculty Phone: 419-530-XXXX
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Department Chair
(Interim) Barry Scheuermann, PhD
Phone: ext. 2757
Office Address: HH - 2400

Department Secretary
Regina Sullivan
Phone: ext. 2741
Office Address: HH - 2503

Jamal I. Bittar, Senior Lecturer
Phone: ext. 3393 (office)
Office Address: HH-2003D

Craig P. Black, PhD, RRT-NPS, FAARC, Associate Professor (Ret.)
Phone: ext. 4792
Office Address: HH-2003A
Director, Respiratory Care Program

Elyce Ervin, M.S., Senior Lecturer
Phone: ext. 2457
Office: HH - 2505L
Instruction in Anatomy, Physiology, Microbiology

Heather (Hug) Robbins, M.S., Associate Lecturer
Phone: ext 2773
Office Address: HH - 2505G
Instruction in Anatomy, Physiology and Microbiology

Christopher D. Ingersoll, PhD, AT, ATC, FACSM, FNATA, FASAHP
Phone: ext. 5453
Office Address: HH - 3302D
Professor, Athletic Training
Dean, College of Health Sciences

Bruce Kwiatkowski ,Ph.D., Electronic Technologist I
Phone: ext. 4358
Office Address: HH - 2504A
Electronic Technologist I

Sophie Lalande, Ph.D., Assistant Professor
Phone: ext. 2691
Office Address: HH - 2505F
Exercise Physiology

Sarah Long, M.S., AT, ATC, Lecturer
Phone: ext.  2024
Office Address: HH - 2505J
Clinical Coordinator
Director, Undergraduate AT Program 

Alice McAfee, Ph.D., Associate Professor
Phone: ext. 4241
Office Address: HH - 2516
Instruction in Anatomy and Physiology

Nicole McKenzie, MHA, RRT, Assistant Professor
Phone: ext. 4515
Office Address: HH - 2003B
Instruction in Respiratory Care

Thomas McLoughlin, Ph.D., Associate Professor
Phone: ext. 5982
Office Address: HH - 2512
Exercise Physiology
Advises MS and Ph.D. students

Frank Pizza, Ph.D., Professor
Phone: ext. 4178
Office Address: HH - 1416A
Exercise Physiology
Advises MS and Ph.D. students

Christa Turley, B.S., RRT, Lecturer
Phone: ext. 4656
Office Address: HH - 2003C
Director of Clinical Education, Respiratory Care Program

Suzanne Wambold, PhD., RN
Phone: ext. 4688
Office Address: HH - 2003E
Professor, Human Performance and Fitness Promotion

David Weldy, M.D., Ph.D., Assistant Professor
Phone: 419-383-5573
Office Address: DOW - 2240
Family Medicine

Jackie Wilkins, B.Ed., R.K.T., Perceptual Motor Dvlp Clinic Coordinator 
Phone: ext. 2731
Office Address: HE-119
Kinesiotherapy Center

Last Updated: 6/9/16