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Graduate Athletic Training Program
Master of Science in Exercise Science

Program Faculty


Dr. Michele Pye, Ph.D., ATC, Program Director
Ph.D. in Kinesiology, Concentration in Applied Neuromechanics, University of North Carolina at Greensboro, 2014
M.S. in Kinesiology, Concentration in Athletic Training, Illinois State University, 2008
B.S. in Athletic Training, University of Pittsburgh, 2006

Research Interest: Identification and prevention of neuromuscular risk factors associated with ACL injury.

luke donovan

Dr. Luke Donovan, Ph.D., ATC, Assistant Professor
Ph.D. in Sports Medicine, University of Virginia, 2014
M.Ed. in Athletic Training, University of Virginia, 2010
B.S. in Kinesiology, Concentration in Athletic Training, Pennsylvania State University, 2009

Research Interest: Identify altered movement patterns during functional risks in patients with chronic ankle instability. Also to develop low cost clinical tests to assess for these alterations and provide rehabilitation techniques to promote and restore normal movement patterns while decreasing the risk of future ankle sprains.


Dr. Janet Simon, Ph.D., ATC, Visiting Assistant Professor
Ph.D. in Human Performance, Concentration in Motor Control, Minor in Statistical Science, Indiana University, 2014
M.S. in Applied Statistics, Indiana University, 2014
M.S. in Athletic Training, Ohio University, 2010
B.S. in Athletic Training, Southern Connecticut State University, 2008

Research Interest: Current health related quality of life and physical fitness levels of former collegiate athletics, patient reported outcomes, outcomes of lateral ankle sprains and chronic ankle instability.

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