College of Health Sciences

Motion Analysis Lab Facilities

motion lab   
        The Motion Analysis Lab is located in the University's Health and Human Services building, and consists of approximately 1600 square feet of dedicated lab space. The MAL is equipped with multiple systems for video analysis, including an eight camera high speed Motion Analysis Inc. Hi-Res video system,  a 16 channel Noraxon telemetered EMG system, three AMTI force platforms, a pressure assessment mat, multiple digital camcorders, and an accelerometer system  Lab software includes Motion Analysis Inc's EVA - RealTime, Kintrak and OrthoTrak for motion analysis, Musculographic's SIMM for biomechanical modeling, Noraxon MyoResearch and MyoVideo for EMG, BalanceTrak for postural assessment, and SPSS for statistics.  The labs computer station provides multiple networked PC. The Kinesiology Department has a full-time electrical engineer who provides hardware and software support for the MAL.  The lab is directly adajacent to the department's Athletic Training Research Lab and the Human Performance and Fatigue lab.
Last Updated: 6/9/16