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Martin RiceMartin S. Rice, Ph.D., OTR/L, FAOTA
Professor and Program Director
Occupational Therapy Program
Department of Rehabilitation Sciences
The University of Toledo
Mail Stop 119
2801 W.  Bancroft Street
Toledo, Ohio 43606-3390
Phone: (419) 530-6694     Fax: (419) 530-4780 

Biographical Sketch:

Dr. Rice received his Doctor of Philosophy in 1996 in Motor Learning and Control and his Bachelor of Science Degree in 1984 in Rehabilitation Education from The Pennsylvania State University. He received his Master's of Science degree in 1987 in Occupational Therapy from the Western Michigan University. His clinical experience includes adult rehabilitation in a variety of settings including rehabilitation hospitals, long term care, and out-patient rehabilitation facilities. Although he has worked with a wide variety of patient populations, he has spent the majority of his clinical experience with persons with stroke, head injury, or dementia. Dr. Rice is currently a Professor at The University of Toledo. He has developed an interest in working with assistive technology as compensatory strategies for improving function and independence. His research interests involve investigating motor learning and control strategies that promote enhanced learning and efficient movement performance with respect to therapeutic occupation.  In 2009 he completed a sabbatical at the Sheffield Hallam University where he studied safe patient handling practices within the British United Kingdom.

Selected Recent Publications:

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