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Occupational Exposures

A student who experiences an exposure during evening or weekend hours, should contact the UTMC Nursing Administrator for questions and follow-up care. Contact the operator at (419) 383-4000 and ask them to page the UTMC Nursing Administrator.

What students need to do in the event of blood or body fluid exposure:

1. Flush the area thoroughly with soap and water when possible. Cover the puncture with a dressing.
2. Notify supervising faculty member and your preceptor.
3. Seek IMMEDIATE Risk Exposure Evaluation AT THE SITE where the exposure occurred. You will need to contact UTMC Nursing Administration 419-383-4000. 
5. Initial health care and evaluation must be received immediately. 
6. Notify the emergency department at  419-383-3888 as soon as the exposure happens for instructions.

Policy No.: 04-016-02

Last Updated: 3/21/17