Medical Center

Waiver Criteria

If you wish to request to waive UT's student health insurance plan, your personal insurance must meet the following requirements.

  • The student must be covered on one of the following:
    • Medicare or Ohio Medicaid
    • Embassy Sponsored Health Insurance or Exchange Agreement (International Students Only)
    • Another student health insurance plan if enrolled concurrently at another University or College
    • Another insurance plan whose benefits are comparable to UT's student health insurance plan
  • Plans must offer a lifetime maximum benefit of at least $500,000 in coverage.
  • Plans must provide coverage for both in-patient and out-patient medical care in the Toledo area (including the University of Toledo Main Campus Medical Center).  Emergency-only care is not sufficient.  (Please note that most out-of-state HMO's do not meet this criteria.)
  • The coverage must remain in force throughout the 2013-2014 academic year.

Should you have questions regarding your personal insurance meeting the above requirements, please contact your insurance company representative directly. 

Last Updated: 3/22/15