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UT Student Health Coverage:  Overview and Rates

Why Have Health Care Coverage?

Many students do not recognize the value of a good coverage plan because the majority of students are young, healthy, and living on a very tight budget.  However, unforeseen health care expenses can easily disrupt a student's college career.

Student Health Coverage Plan for 2015-2016

The University of Toledo believes it is important that all students maintain health care coverage to help ensure academic success and well-being. To be in compliance with the Affordable Care Act (ACA), all individuals are required by law to have health insurance coverage. To assist with this goal, The University of Toledo is again offering the Student Health Coverage Plan, run by Student Educational Benefit Trust (SEBT)-Medical Health Services (MHS), a wholly owned subsidiary of Medical Mutual of Ohio. Pharmacy coverage is included; students may also select optional vision and dental coverage plans. We believe the Plan provides excellent levels of health coverage, with low out-of-pocket costs when compared to plans offered commercially or through the  ACA website.

The new Plan begins August 11, 2015 and ends August 10, 2016. Students may enroll for fall and/or spring, plus summer, as currently available. The Fall 2015 Open Enrollment period begins on July 11, 2015 and the Open Enrollment/Waiver period ends September 30, 2015.

New for 2015-2016  If you are required by your program/college to have health care coverage, the charge for student health insurance care coverage will be placed on your student account. This coverage is required for students in the MD program and in the Colleges of Nursing, Pharmacy & Pharmaceutical Sciences, Health Sciences, and for student-athletes. If you are an international student holding a J-1 visa and have a federal requirement for health care coverage, the charge for that coverage will be placed on your student account. The charge may be waived after you provide evidence that you have other, comparable health care insurance/coverage. 

All other University of Toledo students may enroll voluntarily in the SEBT health coverage Plan by going to the SEBT website and providing your information and payment. Alternately, you may choose to purchase health care coverage through the  ACA federal exchanges or enroll on parent, spouse or family health care plans

Where can I go for services?

Student Health Clinics: First Stop.  When you need care, make the Main Campus Medical Center -419-530-3451 (MCMC - Southwest side of campus across from I- House and Academic House) for main campus students or Student Health and Wellness Center located in the Lower Level Suite #003 of Ruppert Health Center 419-383-3777 for health science campus students your first stop. Our highly trained and experienced staff offers a variety of services, which include primary and acute medical care; women's health care; counseling and psychiatric services; laboratory testing; prescriptions and over-the-counter medications.

You may also visit outside physicians that participate with the student health coverage plan.  However, when you visit the UT student health clinics first, you'll pay less out of your own pocket for your care.


** CampusFirst Plan I - Domestic or International Students may choose from Plan 1, which meets federal requirements for health care coverage. Fall Spring/Summer Summer
  8/11/15 - 12/31/15 1/1/16 - 8/10/16 5/16/16 - 8/10/16
Student Only $1,485.00 $2,174.00 $1,131.00
Student + Spouse $3,169.00 $4,642.00 $2,415.00
Student + Children $1,805.00 $2,645.00 $1,376.00
Family $4,972.00 $7,280.00 $3,788.00
CampusFirst Plan II – International Students only may select plan 2, which provides benefits that are at a lower than federally required levels. Fall Spring/Summer Summer
  8/11/15 - 12/31/15 1/1/16 - 8/10/16 5/16/16 - 8/10/16
Student Only $1,291.00 $1,890.00 $984.00
Student + Spouse $2,755.00 $4,034.00 $2,099.00
Student + Children $1,569.00 $2,299.00 $1,196.00
Family $4,322.00 $6,328.00 $3,293.00
CampusFirst Plan III - Supplemental Plan only Prepaid Main Campus, Student Health and Wellness, and UTMC plan.
Fall Spring/Summer Summer
  8/11/15 - 12/31/15 1/1/16 - 8/10/16 5/16/16 - 8/10/16
Student Only $159.00 $232.00 $121.00
Student + Spouse $338.00 $496.00 $258.00
Student + Children $193.00 $282.00 $147.00
Family $531.00 $777.00 $404.00

**CampusFirst Plan I - is a comprehensive plan for both Domestic and International Students. It is the Intent of this plan to offer coverage that meets or exceed the Minimum Essential Coverage requirements as set forth by the Federal Department of Health and Human Services.

Waiver and Enrollment Deadlines
(* New or Transfer Students Only)
Fall 09/30/2015
Spring/Summer 01/31/2016
Summer * 07/01/2016

CampusFirst Plan II - is a comprehensive plan for International students only as they do not have to meet the Minimum Essential Coverage (MEC) requirements, as set forth by the Federal Department of Health and Human Services.

CampusFirst Plan III - is a supplemental plan intended for those students that may have other coverage, but may want to pre-pay for all Primary Care Services rendered through the Main Campus Medical Center, Student Health and Wellness, or UTMC. It also includes a modest out-patient and Rx benefit to help off-set the student’s out-of-pocket costs under a high deductible plan or a plan with and insufficient network in the greater Toledo area. As this is a supplemental policy, please consult with the insurance agent or human resource representative to understand any implications that may result from electing this coverage in addition to your other health coverage policy.

**Premiums for Students whose programs require you to have health care coverage will only be billed as part of your tuition. In order for coverage to be active, the student’s account must be paid in full or the student has entered into a payment plan. Other UT student my Voluntarily enroll in Plan 1 (domestic students ) or Plan 2 (international students only) by logging into your MYUT. Coverage for the Supplemental Pre-Paid Plan 3, Dependents, Vision and Dental are the responsibility of the Student are only accessible through logging into your MYUT. From the MYUT, click on the enrollment button and you will be able to enroll and pay for the additional lines of coverage.

Benefit Management for RX:  Drug Formulary -   Specialty Drug list  - .  

Provider search link inside Ohio

Provider and facilities search outside the state of Ohio

Voluntary Delta of Ohio Program (Annually) 1-800-524-0149

Student Only $240.48
Student & 1 Dependent $487.32
Student & Family $1263.36

Voluntary Davis Vision Program (Annually) 1-800-521-2651

Student Only $72.00
Student & Children $156.00
Student & Spouse $231.00
Student & Family $341.00

If you should have any questions regarding benefits or waivers, please contact:
Tonya Tressler, Student Coverage Management Representative or Tori Workman,  Student Worker Insurance Office Assistant .
Main Campus Medical Center (419-530-3474) (419-530-3418 fax).
SEBT (Student Educational Benefit Trust) Student Coverage Liaison
with any benefit questions (1-800-367-3762).

Last Updated: 10/22/15